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Tune in sign with Warnings... Too much or too sad?

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I'm building my Tune in sign, and while adding the warnings I think I should have, and unfortunately need - I wanted others opinions.

The sign will be 35x15, and across the bottom inch or two will read "Warning: High Voltage - Do Not Enter - 24 Hr Video Surveillance"

Why the surveillance part you might ask? I've been the victim of theft before! :(

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I think it's a do what you've got to do sort of thing. It's either that or stick a camera right on the corner of the sign and just say - "Smile - You're On Camera!"

I've only been hit by minor vandalism in the past but this year bought an inexpensive4 camera security system with night vision that hooks up to a computer and uses your hard drive as a dvr.

I have been toying with the idea of letting it be known they are there but think I will just put them up and roll the DVR this year... though I was definately thinking of putting one out by the road... to be seen.

Bottom line is, if you are like me and have spent thousands of dollars over the last 5-7 years, you have to protect your investment.

Yep, it's a little sad we have to go to these lengths but... what cha gonna do.

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I agree do what you have to. I had three cameras up and someone busted my donation box and got away with the money inside and that was while the show was going on 20 feet from the house . so I installed another camera thursday night right by the donation box. A hour and a half later I had a fifhteen year old boy hooked and sitting in back of the Police car for braking the box and attemping to steal the money.

Cameras work! we haveours going 24 hours a day now.

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"Too Much" is a matter of opinion. Personally I wouldn't put it on my "tune to" sign. You want your display to come off as friendly, not a safety hazard...

I used "high voltage" signs for a few years, then got rid of them, because I had enough comments from friends that questioned the safety of my display -- and the display is very safe. I didn't want the rumors going out that I was somehow an electrocution hazard...

Personally I'd put the safety and security warnings on a separate sign, if you're going to use them. Just like a store wouldn't put "Welcome to Target -- Shoplifters will be Prosecuted!" on the same sign, you don't want to detract from your experience.


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Well, as fate would have it.. I printed the sign, with the warning across the bottom, then when I mounted it in the frame I intended to use, it covered the small warning tag line anyway!

So I will have to use another sign now... I fired the show up tonight for real, even though we are still tweaking and adding songs... My neighbors came over and everyone approved! :waycool: one neighbor, who has a terrific static display, asked me if I had camera's! :shock: explaining something was stolen from her display, inside her fence, that was wired in... someone jumped the fence, took the time to properly un-wire it, and make off with it! :( wow................ very sad.

When I was typing the sign out, I was thinking... I'm trying to say, stop, look, listen and enjoy the show... I've spent thousands of hours, blood, sweat, tears and money on it... Don't just drive by... BUT DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING DOWN, LOOKING AROUND, OR STEALING ANYTHING.... I mean, how friendly is that!!? :devil:

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I really don't see why you would need a "High Voltage" warning unless you are trying to frighten thieves. The problem is they don't have a grasp for high voltage anyway as many have been fried trying to steal copper or commercial lighting fixtures.

I am assuming you are running off normal household 120V AC which is not considered high voltage. 600V and up would be high, and some might consider 240V high.

The survelliance warning is probably better.

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Classic.Lights wrote:

A hour and a half later I had a fifhteen year old boy hooked and sitting in back of the Police car for braking the box and attemping to steal the money.

YES!!! THAT is very good to hear! Bet he made his parents proud! It's a prank to them. But a major offence to us!

Glad you got him!

If I were you I ask the judge to sentance him to help you set up AND put away next years display. That way he'd learn exactly how much is envolved in these displays. He might think twice the next time!


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