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Marty makes the front page of Salt Lake City newspaper

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Well done again this year Marty…

We are making the pilgrimage to Whispering Pines the weekend before Christmas from the Southwestern Desert, can't wait to see the display in person for the first time.

My wife and I would also like to thank you for helping us with some ideas while we were at the PLUS2007 show.

Doug & Peg


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Godd job Marty. Always love to see you get the attention you deserve.

To everyone else that reads this there was one thing in the article that should upset all. That is there is no contest this year because a few people messed it up for everyone. You should have seen the posts.

I feel really sad that our once small close knit family has grown to become a large family that seems to want all the attention themselves and when they do not get it they can get nasty.

Marty you deserve every single award and article you receive. But the greatest thing you will rececive is those smiles. Thanks for all your help.

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John Pidliskey wrote:

Robin, again you amaze me. I totally agree with your comments. PC has grown so big, too bad some seem to think their small displays compete with the more experienced builders.

I find that anyone that takes the time for whatever reason and with whatever budget they have that what they see and imagine is just as beautiful a display as any of us with many thousands of lights. I think that everyones displays look great regardless of size and complexity. I don't do this myself to compete with anyone, I do it for my kids, myself and anyone who wants to come by and enjoy. here at PC I don't see the competetivness that you speak of between small displays and large displays. We are all here for similiar reasons, some of us get highlighted by the media and some don't, it doesn't make my display better than yours it just means it brought the attention of someone who wanted to tell a story. I'm sure there's many smaller displays out there with a much better story behind them than mine and I enjoy hearing them. Marty, great job, a great story as well.


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