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New Sequencer/Scheduler!

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Aurora is almost here! Have been testing it for several weeks, and it runs great!

No More:

Long waits

Corrupted/lost files

High system resource useage

Just click the banner for more info.

I'm not the guy marketing it - just a VERY satisfied beta-tester!

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Site went up last night and they're still adding to it. I think they have few screen shots up by now.

Aurora is a sequencer/scheduler thatcan import both D-Lightand LOR1 sequences. That and playsequences back - FAST. No waiting for a file to finish compiling, and so far, NO crashes or reboots after running for 10 days straight.

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I cant justify $80 right now, but I have kept an eye on it and good to see people talking about it now. If D-Light or LOR dont do something big during the "off season" I would be willing to check it out. WIsh they had a "Trial" version I could use to see if it was worth it before I chunked my cash down.

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sysco wrote:

Flanigan can you explain what Beta is????? i know it is some kind of format i'm using lor thank you Blair

It just means that it is not the "final" release. It's like a prototype version--still being tested and there will probably be some changes made.


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Maybe I'm missing something. . . .

No More: Long waits

Corrupted/lost files

High system resource useage

... play sequences back - FAST. No waiting for a file to finish compiling, and so far, NO crashes or reboots after running for 10 days straight.

What software would I have to use to see these things?

I've been a happy LOR User for iver two years.

The only time I've experienced any of this is occasionally using the animation window in LOR I caused high system resource usage.

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Aurora developer here to answer some questions...

May be worth looking into. Will it have imported simulation pics? AI

By "simulation pics", I assume you are referring to using a photo of your house to display a preview animation on top of. We call this the "visualizer"; it is one of the features where Aurora really shines.

Would one of you Aurora users please tell me what, exactly, lets you write sequences faster?

Our early beta testers have reported that the workflow is more efficient which results in less time required to complete typical sequencing tasks. Some examples:

  • Faster tool changes via keyboard shortcuts - To select the ramp tool just press 'r' instead of moving the mouse to the toolbar and back. The tool will be set to the same properties as the last time you used it. To select a ramp with different properties just press Shift-r. Other tools have similar hotkeys.
  • Recent Tools toolbar & shortcuts- lets you quickly select a recently used tool/properties combination.
  • Excellent copy/paste options - Want to lay down beats and then repeat an animation pattern between all of them... there is an option for that. Want to shrink/expand the time while pasting... there is an option for that.
  • Timeline "splitting" - Quickly divide a section of the timeline into multiple events
  • Arbitrary event timings - "Rough in" your timings and then tweak them later by dragging the time marker... all events attached to that time will adjust with it.
  • Excellent preview "visualizer" - See the lights as they will appear on a real photo of your house in excellent detail... eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty from sequencing.

WIsh they had a "Trial" version I could use to see if it was worth it before I chunked my cash down.

A "trial" version will come about with the release of 1.0. For now there is not a trial available.

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Sorry I haven't gotten back 'til now - the email notify apparently is fickle.

Have lost many hours of work to Spectrum failing to properly save a file. Latest version requires MUCH more CPU and Memory than last years release, and the Scheduler was way too slow (probably due again to high system requirements).

Have yet to have ANY significant trouble with Aurora. Yes, its a bit different from LOR and Spectrum, but the learning curve is much shorter. LOVE the shortcut keys and the spacebar playback - only thing you need a mouse for is to move the cursor around!

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Sounds like some very useful software in the works! I am fairly new to animated lighting but have been working in I.T. shops for about 28 years :shock:now. Mostly in software development.Some of the things I'd love to see with the software is (didn't notice if Aurora and/orother tools do this):

1) use some type of audio analyzer to map peaks/heavy beats to a default channel. Might make this a bit easier for rhythm challenged folks (like me at times).

2) an option to tag how many strings/watts per channel to provide a ball-park estimate of power used.

3) Some type of feature to take a playlist/schedule and write to either HTML or XML that can be integrated into a now-playing list to ftp up to a website.

I'll have to keep my eye on your product/project and see how things develop!


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I'm looking to buy LOR and/or D-light controller hardware for my first non-static shows in 12/2008.

I've been a beta tester before (sprinkler software) and enjoyed the process overall.

Would those involved in the Aurora beta testing advise me to use Aurora, or the D-light or the LOR sequencing software ... being new at this?

I'd initially just be 32 channels, most likely. I'm just looking at spending either $90 (D-light), $99 (LOR) or $80 (Aurora beta) on something.

Also, is the LOR I standard a pretty safe bet for the foreseeable future?

Has anyone mixed D-Light and LOR controllers? Are there pro(s) and con(s) for using one or the other or a mixture?

I think a beta without a trial version really seems over-priced at $80 ... esp. when the competition is non-beta for $10 or $20 more. For all the time and suffering I endured beta-testing my sprinkler software, it was good that (for me) it was free for those willing to suffer.

Thx in advance,


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The $79.99 price is a pre-order discount on the final version 1.0 software, not on the beta edition. Version 1.0 will be somewhere in the January-February time frame.

A pre-order does give access to the 0.2.0, 0.3.0, etc. "stable beta" versions until 1.0 comes out. This (in addition to the price discount) is done as a "thank you" foryour early support and to provide something to get started with while waiting. The $79.99 price does not obligate you to do any beta-testing. The real beta testers are those who areworking with the versions between each of these releases (0.2.4, 0.2.5, etc.).

There will be a demo version available when 1.0 comes out. The pre-order betas will not be available in demo form.

Being an Aurora developer, I of course encourage you to use our product... but I'll let some of the beta testers and/or current owners speak as to the advantages/disadvantages of the current product.

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I am now a Aurora user! I have been for about 3 days. This software is great! I have yet to have it crash on me. the Scheduler is really easy to use and functions w/o failure and very minimal lag time in between songs.

Only bad that I can think of and it is not really a bad:

When importing my D-Light sequences it does take a very long time. 15 minutes to convert a song. You only have to do it once though!

Now with that being the only fall back, I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY WITH THIS SOFTWARE! I don't stress any more about my display I have NO scheduler issues I have no problems sequencing, and I can use my computer for other things while sequence/running the show via the scheduler!

OUTSTANDING WORK gentlemen! I can't wait to see what improvements are going to be made to the 1.0 version!!


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Well, to be honest, I wasn't under enough stress yet this year! lol, I actually bought and downloaded it prior but I had a work/friends party at my house this saturday. So I didn't want to throw myself in a corner with the changing of applications that late in the game. However with the ease of how this software is running, I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T DO IT EARLIER!!!


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So for someone just getting started with LOR, this sounds like a wise place to start, as opposed to buying the LOR I or LOR II software.

Has anyone compared its functionality to LOR II software feature by feature?

Does it support both D-Light and LOR controllers (or a mix of both) ?

It sounds like its fast and efficient. I'm guessing that similar to the new LOR II software, that it detects beats so you don't have to tap them out manually?

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