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I was more then happy to buy from Paul earlier this year

I knew I was buying from someone with a good reputation who stands behind his product & has looked into the supplier in depth

I'm hoping to place another order in 2008, as long as I find a job by then :(

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rlister wrote:

Count me in on the group buy this year!



Ron I am just curious, where are you going to put more lights, the house, the yard, I think it is all covered. :laughing:BTW that mega tree is way cool, I love it and cannot wait to hear how you did it.

Now back to the topic. I have never purchased from Paul, but from everything I read from the PC family I would mcuh rather purchase from someone like Paul that is known that venture outside and take a risk of getting burnt. That being said I sure hope I can snag a few things in his sale.

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medman2000 wrote:

I do *not* recommend people start shouting out the amount of money they are going to spend - but I'm going to disclose my purchase will be in the $10,000 range and 1) I'm not going to beg or kiss someone's behind to get a deal, and 2) I'm only purchasing from someone who gives the same deal to all PC members. Because *we* are the customers.

I did qualify in the 3rd post of this thread with 'IF' in reference to theGB ofCreative Displays. This threadmay have turned into a Paul lovefest, so be it.

I agree with some of your viewpoints as a consumer. But the seller also have their POV, and it's based on profit. CD is a company, not a non-profit org. You can go to his website to see his regular prices. Paul in his GB, posted his prices on this site. They are good prices, but not 'dirt-cheap I'm not making profit' prices like the retail end of Christmas sales. It's a great product, compared to what I saw in the stores. I spent a small fortune (4me)this year, and combined with everyone else's order I'm assuming Paul got discounts which is what he passed on to us as a group.

1) Paul posted his prices. You want some, order some. No begging or kissing involved. He even took special orders for different light counts. If you look on his LED page, he has some orange 70cnt for sale. He used to have different colors, 35/70/100 cnts. These were the extras he had to order (and keep on his balance sheets)to satisfy these requests. It's nice to see he finally sold most of them, especially since I was responsible for some of the 35cnts!:shock:

2) As far as I know, everyone got the same deal. Maybe I could have negotiated, maybe not. Oh well, I'm still happy.:smile:

3) Referencing his lack of email notification. Might be bad business practice, maybe something he should look into. But he posted everything here, deadlines, prices. You as a consumer need to check this site now and then since you now know he doesn't have a mailing list. But from another viewpoint, posting here is more fair, since you don't have to be on 'the list' to be 'in' or know about it. Deals aren't always presented to you on a silver platter.

4) Nobody is twisting your arm to go with one GB or the other. Nor should there be only one GB. It's a democracy, anyone can put one together. Go with the one you feel comfortable with.

5) I sent Paul an email that I had some bad strands. Same day he shipped me new ones. No questions, no hoops to jump thru. Doubt you will get the same service from a private GB.

IMHO. Merry Christmas.

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Ok this clearly has gotten personal and it wasn't inteded that way. I'm not sure I need to have other people jumping in and throwing jabs at me, that is counterproductive and inflammatory. I'm outta here (so save your negative comments) - see ya next year, Merry Christmas and good luck with Paul's sale.

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As 2007 winds down, it is a time to thank everyone for your support and put bygones in the past. I think this blog has served its purpose and it is now time to move on. THANKS TO EVERYONE - HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Ok, back to counting widgets. :( :cryingsong:

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I really don't like to step into threads... but we're on the edge of breaking the "positive" rule at PlanetChristmas. There are tons of places to get bent out of shape on the Internet... PlanetChristmas isn't one of them. We're here to support each other by positive reenforcement.

Hint, hint.

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Medman, my apologies for offending you. Sent PM.

I also apologizeto anyone elseoffended.

Chuck, Oops, sorry for straying toward the 'dark' side. Don't think too straight at 3:00am!:shock:

Back on topic:

LET'S BUY LED'S!!!!! Full speed ahead!!Darn the budgets.....ummm....torpedos!!!:D

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I'd like to be a part of the group buy also.

I'm primarily interested in the LED replacement C9 bulbs, as I'd like to cut down my power usage considerably on the roof bulbs.

Does anyone know what the minimum buy for LED C9 replacements might be? I really only need 139 bulbs ... but with 50 per box, I need to figure out what the best color(s) to go with would be. Ideally, my roof C9 will just be one channel on LOR in 12/2008.

If you had to just choose 1,2 or 3 colors for C9 LEDs .. which would it be? To me, the whites and blues are most striking. Plus the wife being a big Dallas (cowboy) fan, doesn't hurt either.

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Thanks Paul. Very good to know. I just noticed on your product page that it said 'for static display only' ... whew.

Can any C9 LEDS be used with LOR, or only incandescents C9's ?

What are people putting on their houses these days? I've just always liked the look of the big C9s on the house ... and my house is pretty big.

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Does anyone have a shopping list for LED Lights for a tri color or quad color 10' or 12' Mega Tree that they would share?

Based on what I read so far, I could use 90+ strings assuming each string is top to bottom or vice versa on the tree. I have found a few different sets of plans for trees all generally towards a central idea of how to set up a tree. I figure someone might just have the lights shopping list so I can confirm my read of various directions in terms of string count.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!:]

:tree:Y'all have a Merry Christmas!!!:happytree:

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I am new to the site and new to the idea of a group buy. I have looked at the led lighting page on your site. Is it safe to assume that there will be a larger list of LED items to choose from for the buy?? It may be that I am not looking at the page right or something, but I don't see c7 or c9 strings, only the replacement bulbs. Sorry if this is a silly question, just don't know how this group buy works. Thanks!!

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