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Total traffic jamb

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I kept the advance notice down to a minimum (let word build up on its own) and that kept traffic fine (a little light, even). Never had more than 6 cars at a time watching, though pretty steady throughout christmas eve.

I did have two traffic incidents, though - one friend of the family's car had a dead battery after they watched with their engine off and the heater running for a half hour, and another guy popped a tire on the curb and wound up watching for an hour while changing out his tire (he thanked me for providing some entertainment to go along with the flat.)

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We too had to hire help with traffic. Our off-duty cops are $40.00 per hour so we opted for a security service which was only $30.00. They have uniforms, flashlights and santas hats so people listen to them.

We rotated our neighbors on traffic duty the weekend leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas day but didn't want to have them spend any more time in the street.

We are lucky that four of our neighbors are in to the whole thing and that they actually think it is neat to help out.

Our total people count from December 1st-25th is 4,180. That count is based on the number of candy canes passed out. Many people do not want one so I am fairly sure we have had over 5,000 people easily.

The weekend before Christmas and Christmas Eve we parked 50 cars at a time, turned our street into a one-way street with our neighbors at either end routing the cars and held another 50 cars on the main road leading to our street for the next show. Our show runs 18.5 minutes with an 11.5 minute break to turn the cars around. During the break we had non-Christmas music playing and announcements.

The first song we played was Walk, Don't Run by the Ventures. :laughing:

We have never seen a local police car come down our street so I think that maybe they don't want to be involved due to the liability issue. I don't really know why but it is just as well as we have handled it ourselves. Maybe they were seeing if we could.

I think we are going to shut it down before the weekend. We will see what tonight and tommorrow night bring.

Charles and Vickie Belcher

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I had my first major press coverage today in the local paper with a nice article in the local section. I had a constant 8 cars in the circle and at times I saw upto 15 cars in the circle and backed up to it. I figure I had about 250 Cars total. I was impressed so I set up my DSLR and started taking pictures and made a time lapse of it.


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Have to admit, when I saw the ambulance sitting out front, it was a little strange. They had been to take a patient home from the hospital and stopped in to see the lights.

It's a private ambulance service and heck I thought they were coming with the straight jacket to take me away for doing all this!

I couldn't stand it, had to go ask them what was up!


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