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So what did you get today for next season?


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I'll start. The same WalMart near me that had been so productive last year delivered again. Went in at 6:00 am when they opened. Other than two other parties buying bulk as we were, not much competition.


Then went on to Target. It was a mad house, managed to get the ropelight I needed for next season, though.


The total haul:

25,000 clear

10,000 red

10,000 green

2,500 blue

198' clear ropelight

... plus some garland, replacement candy canes and some big red ornaments.

Ok, what did you guys get?

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I would lov eto go get 75% off discounts and stuff but we just dont have the cash to do that right now. Sucks because im gpoing to spend thousands later in the season to buy lights when i can spend thousands rightg now and get tripple what im going to end up with. guess thats what you get for buying eachother flatscreen tv's and expensive gifts. blah..

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Jdwagner888 wrote:

Guess thats what you get for buying eachother flatscreen tv's and expensive gifts. blah..

I actually asked everyone for money for lights this year. I guess that's when you know this Christmas Lights thing has gone too far, huh? :}

Of course, that was a step in the right direction for my family and friends as I have usually asked for haunted house props and horror movies in the past... <grin>

My sister in law did get the Saw Trilogy Box Set, though... :laughing:

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Got 60 boxes of red at $1.00 a box at Target and 60 boxes of clear at $.50 a box at Lowes this morning. Had earlier picked up 36 boxes each of clear, yellow and purple at Lowes when they were $1.00 a box. Sucks that Target is only 50% off on most of their stuff.

Still need to get some green if I cn get to a Target that has them still. Target is a zoo!!!

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48 Boxes Red

48 Boxes Green

36 Boxes Blue (last week as I knew they would not be there today).

12 Boxes Clear

(All minis above)

18 Boxes C7 Multi

12 Boxes C7 Red

12 Boxes C7 Blue

4 Boxes Blue Icicle (1200 lights)

300ft Pine Garland

Over 2000 ft. Extension Cord (Mostly outdoor, some indoor)

Light Stakes, Replacement Bulbs, Light Clips, Light Tester

Lots of competition this morning.

3 people with 6 carts for our group.

Had one guy jump in front of me for the last box of C7s. Oh well, can't have 'em all I guess.

Not much for yard art this year. I plan on building most of it.

How did everybody else do?

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I spent almost all the money/giftcards I got for Christmas today!:waycool:

15- 150ct Multicolor Minis- Lowes- 13.70- Giftcard

6- 100ct Multicolor Minis- Lowes- $3.00- Giftcard

10- White Minis- Walmart- $11.5

6- 17" Window Decorations- Walmart- $18.90

1- Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds Controller- Garden Ridge- 29.99

Total- $77.09

I still need blue minis and ropelight for next year, though.:X I'm going to make a river, like Michael B.

Now, I start saving up for next year! (I spend $50 on Halloween Decor this year, not going to buy anything next year!)

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vegas taco wrote:

schristi69 wrote:

30 bucks is a great buy but i wouldnt call 80 bucks for the deluxe version expensive

It is for me! I bought it last week, decided to return it because it cost me all the money I had, money I was going to get for Christmas, and January + February allowance!

Besides, I've read you can replace the 12 amp fuse with a 15, then you can drive more lights!:waycool:

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At 3 Targets this morning (technically 2, since I didn't buy anything at the 3rd):

7200 Blues

4800 Reds

4800 Greens

7 boxes of 6' x 4' net lighting for my ice-skating pond.

3, 80' Green Extension cords (they were half price - $6.49 each. The 40' green cords were not, and they were $9.89 each!)

2, 6' artificial trees at Target. Had gotten 2 more at 30% off last week, and 2 at full price ($19.99) in November. They form a nice backdrop in front of the house.

Various other small things.

Looking around for clear lights, but not particular where I get them since they tend not to stray in shade or tone too much. May have to check out those Lowes Deals.

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roadnut wrote:

May have to check out those Lowes Deals.

Yeah, me too. I had no idea they were at 75% off already. Is it the case at most of them that they are marked 50% but it rings up 75%?

Closest one to me is a town away and if that's the case I should probably go check it out. If everything is marked 75% off, I would say I would be wasting time and gas by tonight, though.

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Went out at 6:30 this morning with visions of lots of lights so here's the count.

Home Depot

2 200 count reels of clear C6 LED's

6 35 count strings C6 clear LED's

1 7" white twig tree

1 36" Sitting Polar Bear

Wal Mart

6400 Mini Lights 16 of red, blue, green and clear

16 35 count C6 clear LED's

180 feet red rope light

180 feet clear rope light

2 60 count blue/white led snowflake strings

2 6 foot clear LED twig trees

Dang I think that's everything I got, now I just have to order two 16 channel controllers, sequnce a dozen songs, fabricate 20 mini north poles, 12 mini trees and set a new pole sleeve for the mega tree. Oh well I have eleven months right. Oh yeah I forgot I have to fit my regular job in there somewhere.


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Ok. i scrounged up some money from presents and came up with 200$ went up to lowes. fresh out of anything useful to me. went over to riteaid. onlky 50% off ill stop there later on maybe. went to kmart. BOOM JACKPOT! Tons of ropelight wich i dont need but the only thing ive been looking for for awhile now! icicle lights! and not only white! the picture shows it all.

List of whats in the picture:

Right side- Holographic ribbons and bows - 7.99$

going from right to left- front- 300ct Blue Icicle lights (6 boxes) for 5.99 per box.

behind that is 5 boxes of 150 ct multicolor icicle lights, and 5 boxes of 150 ct white icicle lights. 6.99$ a box.

front left 3 packs of 25 ct c9 clear bulbs. (all they had left) ill find something to do with them.) 5.99 per box

far left. 4 packs of 10 ct mini candycanes. (10 inch candy canes) 5.99 per box.


Good enough for me for now. Didnt stop by at walmart because i know thats wear everyones going to be.

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roadnut wrote:

Looking around for clear lights, but not particular where I get them since they tend not to stray in shade or tone too much. May have to check out those Lowes Deals.

I sure wish I had the extra cash to get some for you that need them. Our Target had literally cases of clear left and several of all the other solid and multis. People werent going after them either. But to find an LED in this town was next to impossible.

I am hoping to get some clear on 75% off.

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20 candy canes,

50 boxes of red,

25 boxes of green

25 boxes of blue

6 2' trees

3 6' stick trees

not a ton - but - I'm not adding a ton of lights for next year (already at 103k) I will go back later / next week for some icicles and whites which my local target had TONS of all over the place - so will wait till 75% off.

Most of my next years additions will be blue LEDS (6000 or so... thats going to hurt...and I want to use the commercial grade ones) and a few "movers"

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wow i don't even know where to start, i went to wallyworld first off the bat @ 6am got 3 carts full of gooddies, all lights,

5 cases red mini's 100 count

5 cases blue mini's 100 count

3 cases c-7 led clear 25 count

4 cases of blue net lights,

3 cases of green mini's 100 count

then went off to local home depot

3 cases of assorted , some red, some blue and some green led c-6, and mini's

3 cases of blue 70 count mini 8mm

3 cases green 70 count mini 8mm

3 cases red 70 mini 8mm

4 spools of c-6 clear led 200 counts

then off to other home depot

10 cases clear net led's 90 count

1 cases c-9 led clear

1 case of c-9 led red

got the price difference from the 1500$ worth i bought the 18th, 750.00 credit

then left there went to other wallyworld

got there 5 cases red mini 100 count

3 cases blue 5 mini's

and that is about all i can remember, 2 fullsize pickup loads full of lights, OMG gonna have to build a bigger attic in garage, and i still have to take down from this year, wow...

just a tidbit of information, IF you have a VALUE CITY in your area chances are they are going to be closing, got word from a district manager that we maintain there properties told me they was going to shut the doors sometime after christmas, everything there in the store is 60% off , that is in my area in illinois, by st. louis, missouri, totes are like 2 buxs for the 30 gallon ones.

happy new year everyone

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