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Has anyone used this? It's a 8 channel relay using the parallel port.

Can you use it with the LOR program?

Found the cost to be less than $40 dollar. Pretty cheap for only 8 channels.

Anyone hear about other usb, serial i/o boards/kits (relays) working with the LOR program?

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Looks like a great low cost solutionb for my snowman snowball fight... am I right?

if so what do I need to buy (please be specific) and how much computer skills do I need (programming or jsut how to run a program like LOR, etc)? I estimate I need 14-16 channels for my snowball fight.


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I seen Dan's post that it wouldn't work with Lor. I was looking at the 2 8 channel boards combined to make 16 channels andI think I will just get a 3rd lor board that wayI don't need a second computer andI don't have to make any thing. I have enclosure and pigtails for electric all ready.


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