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I have tried the search and could not find this. Somebody last year posted a story of their neighbor passing who they called "One Strand Johnny" because he would always put up a single strand of C9 lights on the gutter every Christmas. One Strand Johhny passed away and the widow gave them the single strand and they now have it around their door frame.

Very Touching Story and would like to read it again. If this is you or you know the details, please post!


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I wish somebody would remember who this was. I remember they even posted a picture. I am not sure why it is not coming up in the search engine, but I have had other things not work very well with the search engine.

The story went something like this.

A member here on PC had a next door neighbor named Johnny. Johnny was a older man and at the first of December he would get out his single strand of Multi-Color C9s and put it on one section of his house. Johnny loved that his neighbor went "all out" and decorated his house and the neighbor would also ask Johnny if we was ever going to put on more lights. Johnny would always say that just the one strand was fine. Year after year, this PC memeber would expand their display and their Neighbor Johnny would keep putting up the same old C9 strand. This family then started calling their neighbor "One Strand Johnny"

Well one day Johnny died and the widow was going to move to a smaller house since it was only her now. Right before she moved, she brought over the single C9 strand of lights to the neighbor and gave it to them since she had to use for it.

Now as a tradition, this single C9 strand outlines the front door of this home in memory of "One Strand Johnny".

Sometimes I think this would make a good part of the Christmas show. You would have your house all fancy going off and on to the music like we all do and then have everything off except for a single strand of multi color C9s, not perfectly aligned and going in different directions and tell the story of One Strand Johnny and how having ANY Christmas lights on your house spreads the Christmas Cheer.

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Whenever I do an interview, one of the points I stress,

is that one does not need to go crazy with decorations for Christmas to be appreciated.

When I drive by a home, and it just has one or two strands of lights,

I'm happy because it shows they care about showing the spirit of Christmas

by brightening someones day with those lights.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone did that?

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I did a quick search on Google, and found the story you are looking for on the Planet Christmas Showing Off Pages.


It's about a quarter of the way down. Here is the text from it:

This is our new home in Arlington, Texas. The strand of C9 bulbs around the front door has special significance. It previously belonged to our next door neighbor, John, and his wife, Sue.We used to enjoy teasing John because every year he would put up this one simple strand of lights around the eaves on his home and nothing more.My wifewould callhim "Johnny-One-Strand." John passed away a few years ago andSue gave these lights to us before she moved away. Every year since then we include this strand of lights in our display in memory of John and the enjoyable times our families shared at Christmas. Merry Christmas Johnny-One-Strand; we love you and miss you! Bednarz family

I hope that helps.

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The search engine of this forum software is not just the greatest and lacks a lot od detail and features. I always just use Google to find stuff in the forum using the + after planet christmas with the search string you can find anything a lot faster.

That is a very touching story, nice they are keeping the tradition alive.

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