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received a letter,,,

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Considering the US population is currently calculated to be around 305,620,000 and their 2,000,000 supposed members, that is 0.6% of the population of the US. Of course if they are saying 2 million world-wide then that is 0.03% of the population. And of the entire 2 million, how many of them REALLY want to call fish "sea kittens"? I bet half are thinking "that's really stupid."

But I'm a member of PETA (people eating tasty animals) so I guess I'll start calling our chickens "land gerbils."

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This year I got a Cabelas snowman as a gift. He has an orange cap, cammo vest and a full height shotgun leaning on him. Put him up in the opposite side of the yard and put a sign on him that said "Where's that penguin?"

The letter complained that my humor was off color. Also said "perhaps PETA would be interested in seeing the pictures".

Is what I did really offensive? I saw it only as fun...need some input please, because I might be thinking wrong here.

Ohhh Nooooo...It's the PC Police...Everybody run...Pretend you never laughed at ANYTHING before in your life...

p.s. I agree with someone above, Ignore it. Let them worry about the Coal in the stocking thing.

p.s.s. Want to really get them going? Put a turban on the Penguin:eek: Opps went too far...Sorry:rolleyes:

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Guest hockeymom

Ok.... just read this whole thread and am LMAO!!

Any chance the originator could bring us up to date on how things turned out for his Xmas 2008 display since there is renewed interest in the subject?

... and as a former Sunday School teacher turned agnostic... and a former vegetarian (yes turned meat eater))... any way I look at it.. it's funny!!!

Oh except I CAN'T find it funny... because as a devout Penguin's hockey fan... I am horrified at the negative Penguin stereotype! hahahheeheehohoho Sorry... just can't stop laughing at the absurdity of your neighbors!!

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as requested a picture...



thats funny. tell him off lol b/c i hear nothing wrong w/ it and i cant belive u get complaints myneighbors love mine i get people who stop and say nice things.. i bet id get alot of laughs and maybe a lil media attention laughs w/ that lol.. but its an awesome idea so keep it up

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I always find these threads way too late. I'm an animal rights person myself,but PETA can take things way too far sometimes. This person sounds like they just want to complain just to complain. They probably complain about a lot of things on a daily basis. And they obviously like to bully people with threats. I'd just brush it off. We can't have complete strangers run our lives just because they don't like something they see. It's called "freedom of choice" ,not "only MY choice,and not yours". You didn't put an actual gun out,and snowmen don't really go after and kill penguins. This person needs their head checked and go find something that's actually important to put their effort of complaining into. Like preventing child abuse or cancer prevention. Not inflatables hunting inflatables.

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