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Great Neighbors! - Success story


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I have two neighbors directly across the street from us who came over to me independently after our display was down and told me "Thank you for putting up a great display." They planned parties and family get gatherings during our display hours so others could see.

At the beach where space is very limited, the front doors to our homes are only 50 feet apart. I account this great luck to two things: (1) my neighbors (up and down the street) really are great people who enjoy sharing and (2) we live in a vacation destination where the permanent residents are accustomed to vacationers and day trippers walking around, year around.

Despite taking 2-1/2 weeks to install, I am determined to get the entire display 100% down, all in one day. The first and main reason is so the neighbors know that when it is over, it is over and secondly, all five of our kids are home so seven sets of hands can make quick work of it all (free labor).

Along the same note, knock on wood, in the 7 years we have had a large display, nothing has ever been damaged or vandalized.

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