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Where to buy rope lights

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Where are you located? I thought about getting rid of some of my ropelights but I would think the shipping would eat you up. I have quite a few blues, 20-30 that I have never used. Just unpacked and put in tubs.

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keith75 wrote:

anyone know of a good (cheap) place to purchace rope light would like to get different colors to use in Halloween and Christmas displays

They time to buy was the last week or 2 at the clearance sales. You could check around and see if any of the stores in your area have any left. Kmart has the most left around here. At this point you may want to just wait until next summer when stores put out their merchandise for Halloween and Christmas. If you want 150 foot spools you can order from Action Lighting or Creative Displays.


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heres where i get mine but make sure u know what your are purchasing cause the have rope , led rope and different sizes along with different voltages.They also have those color changing light bulbs. I bought from them many times and they have good quality stuff just watch what the voltage says cause everything looks the same just 12 volt or 120 volt

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