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Found the coolest megatree EVER!

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I just found the coolest megatree. I have never seen one like it.For some reason, the hyperlink wont work so you will have to put the address in the address bar.Ignore the hyperlink to the right http://www.winterlandinc.com/movies/Silver Dollar City tree.wmv I am sure it costs a pretty penny. Let me know your opinions.


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Sounds like I underestimated a little, try around 640 channels :shock:

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO) has one of the top holiday lighting displays in the United States. They feature (and we are quoting): "the musical 5-story special effects Christmas tree serves as the grand centerpiece as it twinkles and dances in unison, for the first time ever, with over 450,000 lights adorning the surrounding buildings and trees! That's over 720,000 lights illuminating the City's Square!" There are over 40 Animated Lighting controllers synchronizing the huge tree and another 40 Animated Lighting controllers synchronizing the movement of the lights in the City Square. This is truly a remarkable display!

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Cool tree! But I want the music!! Since I used to playmusic inmy youngers days ( trumpet, and I know all about band camp hahha).

I like how big and bold it is!! It would have been something my director would have used...

I know its a variation of Carol of the Bells..... but cant find it anywhere! Can someone point me in the right directions..

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Tom Herron wrote:


you are correct...

this video was taken the second week in August. During testing. It's also only one side of the tree.

Not sure Why this very early version of the videois on winterlands site.

Cool, glad it worked during the real season!

(not that it didn't look spectacular even with those sections out...)


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Kevin Utz wrote:

Hi mnkyboy,

The song is indeed "Carol of the Bells" by David Foster from his CD titled, "The Christmas Album".


Thank you Kevin! Funny thing is I actually found it LATE last night... Funny thing is when you watch the Kens You tube on the arches that uses piece, I found in the comments on the second page someone corrected hom that it was not the Boston Pops...

Then The fun of finding a CD of it. Almost NON existant!

Thanks for noticing and giving me the info though.


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