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Neighbors' and students' comments

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Last year, I did a very simple 16 Channel LOR dispay. My wife said it was good, but only one neighbor said anything. This year, I kept the display mostly the same, added two new songs, a better transmitter, and a better sign. The response was 100% better. Many neighbors said how much they liked it (mainly to my wife who stays home) and even had one neighbor whose kids would not let them drive home at night without stopping out front. My wife tutors math most evenings and almost every student made comments about how cool the display was. She even had one student drive home, get her mom, and park out in front of house for 1/2 hour!

My wife finally walked out to see it. She said why don't all the lights blink? I had to explain that I only had enough channels for what we were doing and plugging too much in the LOR box would be vewy, vewy bad. She asked what it would take to have the whole house blink? <cha-ching!> I had her! So, I told her would it would take and what we would need to do to add a "few" more lights to the house. If I used my Christmas money and buy things slowly (on sale, etc.), that she would give her "blessing" on upping the anty. Of course, us coming in 2nd place without even trying peaked her (and a little of mine!) competive nature.

I hope the neighbors will like the new and improved display next year!

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