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MR16 LED Group Buy III

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Greetings all!

I am considering another MR16 32LED Group Buy but first I must apologize for those of

you that got MR16's from the second group buy. The factory did change the

components without telling me and the MR16's did not dim well out of the the box.

We did have a fix (a 20 ohm resister) but the results were less than perfect.

That being said the factory has indicated they they will build the MR16's as per the

first order. Apparently the first order accepted a wider range of voltage and

therefore was able to dimmed with better results.

I would do the group buy very similar to to the last two. You PM (or email) me with

your order. I package and ship and send you an invoice for product, shipping and

PayPal charges if applicable. You can pay with PP or mail me a check. Again, I am

doing this a service for my friends at Planet Christmas so there will only be markup to

cover the cost of freight from China to me.

I will probably order the following colors; Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Cool White.

The pricing will similar to the last order: Red~$3.50, Green~$4.80, Blue~$4.00,

Yellow~$3.75 and WW~$4.90. These price are only a guess at this point but I'll

have a better idea once I get a current quote from China.

Soooo, long story longer. I'm asking for your feedback in two areas:

How many of each colorwould you order?

When would you like this to start keeping in mind that it takes about a month

to get product.


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I'm not familiar with the lights other than to know what they look like... Also know that I'd like to get away from conventional floods for the wash over the front of my house. Are they ac or dc? what voltage? All I have at the moment are ac boards from d-light and need to know if I need a dc board or two. I

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tkhowse wrote:

Would love to see some pictures.  Will these fit into a normal socket designed for incandescent floods?  Indoor or outdoor?  Would love to see more details. 


As would I, in need of more details :)

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Yeah I keep forgetting that some folks don't know whata MR16 is.

So here goes in my best non-techno speak.

An MR16 is a two prong low voltage lamp. Usually they are 12v DC but most

incandescent amps are fine with AC as well.

These MR16's have an array of LED bulbs verses a single halogen bulb. They have

circuitry under the LED's and not just a string of LED's. These MR16 LED's are both

AC and DC but we use them with either LOR or D-Lights DC controller board. I have

a how to and a short video of these in action. These are dimmable though we did

have issues with the second batch and had to add a resister to get them to dim



Many of us have mounted them in various ways. Annalisa has a how-to on her page:


Also please let me know many of each color? THANKS!

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Here are some links to some of the threads that have discussed these LED's. I was sad that I ran out of time to add these to my display for 2007...at the same time I am glad because I realized I need way more to make it look really good!!! I got mine through the first group buy and am way impressed with these floods. You may want to double up on the red but the blue and green are powerful. The red is just not as bright I think just because of the nature of the color.

Video of Kevin testing them


The next link is for the "Group buy II" that happened last year and has links to a few other very good threads on these floods.


Kevin, I need to see what my needs are and I will PM you. Thank you for offering again. :waycool:

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Have these been used to light up a Nativity Scene? Sure would cut back on costs to run the spots I have used...100w Spots used now.

Also, these sure look like they could be used to down or uplight the sides/front of the house to add a splash of color or even year round on a cool white basis for better security.

I may be interested in getting some as well.

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