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Buying a house that is Christmas Light Friendly

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BOMCA3 wrote:

I am lucky then. I justmoved to this neighborhood in Orange County, CA where the whole neighborhood do Christmas light every year. People from different city comes here every year and the City even block the road.......

BOMCA3: Where are you? Drop me an email (mmonge at startrac dot com).

To the thread: I agree that for us decorators, the house and location is very important. A series of event has placed me where I am now, so when my boy is out of high skool next summer, we will be planning to move to Colorado. We were trying to go last summer. I was a challenge trying to the get the realtor to see my vision on places that were "holiday friendly". My suggestion is keep looking...the right house will find you. Try not to settle. I liked the idea of using Google Earth to take a birds-eye look around the place.

(And yes I know I spelled school wrong...it was a joke :laughing:)

Just my "7 inch black zip tie" worth (that'll be $0.02 for those of you keeping score)

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Of course you're nuts, that's why we're here!

My neighbor is moving and I'll help you move up here. Then we can sync both

houses! (really)

You probably knew it was only a matter of time before the HOA did something.

Even though you have another location, it's kinda an end of the present era. :?

I know you're not going to miss that roof of yours!

I love all those locations. Nice big parking areas across the street. Iwould love to

move too but only to get away from the draconian county.

It's a buyers market and there'sa lot on the market here and at very depressed

prices. I imagine you area is no different. Strike while the market is hungry!

Good luck and God bless!

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Last year, I was too busy and didn't take any pictures from the neighborhood but the crowd we got was unbelieable. It was fun watching them come and play and enjoy the lights. I got a lot of good comments and the neighbor is thanking me also. Btw, I am in Fountain Valley near the Park.

This year, I am adding more and improving the lights to LOR and some static. The train will be much better than my first year and same thing with the 20' Mega tree. I am thinking about Merry-go-around inside the Mega tree. Last year, I was able to make my own slipring and put snowman on top of the spinning tables. My only concern right now is electrical outlets. My current meter is only 100A and I need at least 4 or 5 independent 20 AMps. I don't know what I need to do yet.

I just purchased 2 16 LORs and will play with it coming months. I am almost finish with my Mega tree and will work on the train next with Arches.

Good luck to all finding the good location or you can join my neighborhood if you want to and we can share. There are 2 houses for sale but the price range from 700K - 800K

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Richard, We can sympathize with you after living inSLC for 40+ years. We retired to southwest Nebraska where there is plenty of room and no gated communities except for the cow pastures! You can see our place on Google Earth at 40d 14m 06.98s N and 100d 47m 46.00s W. Our property is the rectangle (4 acres). As you can see, there's lots of room around us to light up! The trouble with our display in the yard is that the road is too close to see the entire display and folks park down the road to watch then come up and turn around and watch from another angle. If you move out here, we could buy the farmer's fields, build our own parking lots, and have LOTS of lights! The only problem for you is that there aren't many jobs available.

Seriously, make the move to somewhere where you have good space now, before the kids start school. We really appreciate your skill in setting up great displays and your willingness to share your knowledge with others. Thanks, and good luck.

Gerald & Rosemary Corey

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I think you need to do what makes you happy. If it being a location for your passion of Christmas lights ,Do it. It isnt fair for you who enjoys decorating to not be able to do it. Where is your freedom , It definatly is not in the gated community in which you live. you have over the past couple years decorated with your heart, For someone to tell you that you cant decorate, well I think it would be very heart breaking. As others have said, your display is an individuals , Any town or city can put up a display in a public park, But none of these displays can take the place of an individual home owners display.

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