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transmitter group buy for PC members

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FYI: The high setting is 100mW not 200mW.

75' isn't much range ... I was getting 3-4 times that range on 10mW from my first floor office, using the test antenna.

So I have no doubt your going to get much better range once you get it out of the basement.

Thanks for posting the pics and replies ...

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Just came across this forum and wanted to clarify something about the supposed shipping origin.

For everyones information the package was not sent from overseas. It originated somewhere here in the good old USA. It may have a return address that shows it's from somewhere else but you can't get the priority stickers or online postage like that other than in the US. How do I know this? I'm a Postmaster and have been in the post office a long time.:P

I like information that is totally correct, sorry.


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Sure thing.

Hey, portcity wasn't able to find his .pdf manual for the edm lcd ... could somebody else send him an email copy of the lcd pdf for me? I'm on vacation and can't do it myself.


p.s. just be careful (with ipods and cd players) to make sure you don't send an overly powerful input signal to the EDM. Normally this is NOT a problem. I was told on the EDM yahoo group that if you hook up an ordinary $1.49 (radio shack) LED to the rca cable (just touch one wire to inner and one wire to outer on the RCA connector) ... if the LED lights up, then the signal is too strong and signal should be attenuated (lowered) with a headphone volume control/attenuator ... till the LED goes off.

When I've performed this test myself, I've never had the LED light up ... but I haven't tried it with an ipod or cd player.

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I got my LED transmitter today!:waycool: Very few parts to it (the transmitter, the power cord, the test antenna, 3 things to be soldered and some foil). Looks simple enough to assemble, just need help soldering it. Should have a friend help me out here in a few weeks. Will keep you posted.

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no I did not, but I did not open the foil so I am good. I was just reading the assembly instructions and it listed the contents, of which one was a manual. There was nota manual in there, that is what I thought they sent me when I purchased the transmitter.

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Yes, the manual is causing some confusion for others as well.

They send you (email you) the .PDFmanual approx. 1 day after you confirm your order with them.

So then you get it ... to review ahead of time ... but the manual is really just the assembly .PDF ... there is no other manual the comes with the unit ... so I can see how it would be confusing if the listed it in the contents!

They probably should have a simple operator'smanual. The assembly .pdfshows you everything you should need to know ... just not in a lot of detail. And the manual for the LED is different than for the LCD. The LED has more than can be configured ... whereas the LCD has a few controls, but some of the other things that are manually configurable on the LED are automatic on the LCD.

I can tell you, and I know you already know this ... that asking a question on the EDM yahoo group will get you a very helpful, if not highly technical answer.

For me, I just verified my power settings and tuned it to my desired frequency ... and I really have tuned it beyond that as I'm really happy with the standard 10mW performance using the test antenna.

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I gave the transmitter another test tonight. I'm into ham radio (W3JXQ) and have a 2 meter J-pole antenna strapped to my chimney. So I thought, "why not connect the transmitter to it?" The J-pole is tuned to 146 mhz I believe, so it is NOT a good match for the FM transmitter. But I figure if I run the transmitter on 10 mw I probably can't damage the finals.

The results: I was able to hear it perfectly for 1/4 mile away from my house, and I could still hear it a 1/2 mile away, but it was scratchy of course. Pretty impressive for 10 mw into an unmatched antenna! Probably only a small percentage of the 10 mw actually made it to the antenna due to the mismatch. The EDM is definately more than adequate for a Christmas light show, and the audio sounds great.

Later. . . . . . Brad

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My apologies to those still waiting. I know that there is probably an additional day or two delay for folks in Canada -- sorry.

It should be any day now ... ;)

I hate waiting as much as anyone ... so I can understand completely ...

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Great News. Are you trying it on the default 10mW setting? I'd like to hear what the range your seeing using 10mW and the included test antenna. Above ground tests would be best, as posting basement performance will always be mediocre with anything.

Dennis please post again tomorrow if you have not received yours yet.

FYI -- batch#2 is ongoing, so anyone wanting to get in on this deal still can ... but there is some waiting involved, so this is not for the impatient.

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