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transmitter group buy for PC members

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I've been in talks with the good folks over at EDM about trying to get us a special "group buy" rate on their excellent transmitters.

These are certainly quite comparable to the popular Ramsey transmitters, but are much easier to assemble and smaller in size. These kits are designed for PERFORMANCE, not flashy looks or special features.

This transmitteris reported to have excellent sound quality :)and good transmission range. I have not found anyone yet who has been truly dis-satisfied. That says a lot -- so I bought one myself and truly believe in this product myself and want to share this discovery with other PC members.

:smile:The only reason you will not getnear CD quality sound is because of the limited frequency response allowed by the FM stereo standard. CD will go right up to 20kHz where FM is limited to 15kHz.

The two configurations offered are both excellent and feature the transmitter, a test antenna, metal enclosure w/nice mount points and a regulated power supply.

These includea standard 2 year warranty and excellent support from EDM.


These are stillKITS (as required by the FCC), but require only basic soldering and assembly skills. The estimated assembly time is 20 minutes or less, and only 2 or 3 solder points to fill total, depending upon the model selected. I assembled mine using only a small phillips screwdriver, a needle nosed pliers and a soldering iron and a small amount of electronic solder.

The prices above for PC members only ... ** but we need to buy in groups of 10 units **[ bulk pricing] at a time to get this group purchase discount.

To get this discount, there is a special PC members order page that you will need to PM (private message) me to obtain.Please do not distribute this link to others or publish this in any forum or web site.


**Remember toput your PC username into the paypal order 'notes section', when ordering. **

The somewhat unique caveat with this particular 'group buy' is that really is on ongoing bulk buy discount for PC members. So what this means is that orders could be delayed to satisfy the bulk purchasing requirement of 10 units at a time.

All PC orders will be delayed till 10 or more orders are received, and then they will all ship out together in the normal fashion. EDM wanted to make this part clear, so no one is surprised if a delay occurs.

Of course, many here are accustomed to group buys, where you place and order and then get the items quite a bit later ... so I'm hoping this is ok with folks.

The good part is that this discount will be made available to more people and over a longer period then a normal single-event group buy would.

Please do not post/re-post these prices in other forums or publicly, as they willbe made available to PC members only. If thisdiscount gets abused, then we couldpotentially loose this discount.

Scott / taybrynn

- - - -

Some additional information is listed below:

The normal shipping timeframe from EDM still apply. As mentioned, some additional delay could occur to comply with the bulk purchasing requirements mentioned above. I would say 10-20 days would be typical, so do not buy if you need this ASAP.

These units are PLL locking and remember the frequency you were last using between power ups.

These units also feature muted RF output while tuning, which means you don't walk all over the other channels while selecting your desired frequency.

Other selling points:


10mW generally proviides plenty range for a LOR show -- your mileage may vary, depending upon your location, local conditions, unit positioning and antenna used. I have found the the included test antenna was sufficient for me at 10mW.

The adjustable models are nice in that you can actually turn up or down the power as needed to achieve the best possible range and FCC compliance for your needs.

It is up to YOU to make sure you are transmitting in compliance with FCC Part 15 regulations. This is a free license to broadcast, but it should always be adhered to. When in doubt, use lower power and less antenna as long as you still get the range you need for your display.

Radio Brandy review: http://www.radiobrandy.com/Transmitters.html

A related PC thread: http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=22086&forum_id=6&highlight=EDM

EDM homepage: http://www.edmdesign.com/

There is also an EDM yahoo group, for those that eventually become owners: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/edmdesign/

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I should probably also note that the bulk ordering limitation of 10 units, is per transmitter model.

So transmitter models would be either LED or LCD.

So it is per LED transmitter and per LCD transmitter ... once 10units are ordered of a given type (LED or LCD), then the orders for that transmitter model should get fulfilled and processed normally.

This delay in processing is the only thing different than order from them directly ... oh yeah, and the lower prices!! :P

I would also like to thank terrypowerz for suggesting this in the first place and to dotcom for helping me as well.

I also want to thank EDM for being so cooperative and helpful all along the way. I don't think they realized we existed and we didn't know about them either.

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It looks like it's an RCA connection. I guess you'd have to down that to an 1/8th mini plug for your computer.

The Belkin I have still seems to do the job and I have a Second Belkin Spare. Although I must admit I still keep pondering purchasing a bigger badder unit.


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Thank you again for the info and the link!! I will order once you answer one question:

Will I regret not spending the extra 44 dollars? It is not a lot of money, but I do not want to waste 44 dollars if it is not money well spent. I am not very technical at all so keep in mind that user friendliness is an important factor for me.

I know that you know these units so I will trust your judgment!!!


I know it is a lot of pressure but you can havdle it:laughing:

Thanks again,



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Nothing like pressure eh? Alex, I'll take transmitters for $100 please ...

I would probably say that if you find yourself thinking $44 is not a lot of money, as you just said ... then it would likely be worth it get the LCD unit if your budget allows.

I don't really think there is a lot of ease of use gained in the LCD unit, other than the ability to adjust the power levels, which could be useful to be as FCC compliant as possible. THe only downside to the LCD is that its somewhat bigger than the LED.

The LED unit is really quite good and not a compromise any more than the PC controllers are a compromise vs. showtime controllers... but improvements were made and put into the LCD unit in late 2007, so the $44 goes towards all those improvements, including a better VCO and higher specs across the board.

I bought the LCD, so if you can afford it and find yourself being the type (like me) that likes knowing you got the best (at the time)... then get the LCD.

So your choice is the LCD -- there, I made it for you!:cool:

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Here is a primer on what I got when I ordered mine recently. Notice the ZA postal address (aka. Dutch Zuid-Afrika or S. Africa). I have to say this is a first for me.

The box as it arrived in my mailbox via USPS (in mint condition I might add) :


* Sorry about my comments -- when I resized the graphics for message board use, they became fuzzy and too small to easily read.

The packaging was very good, with bubble wrap and foam protection all around:


This shows the approx. size of the unit in my hand, next to my cat Chloe:


This is the complete kit folks. I know its not as impressive as a Ramsey FM100B kit, but for those that are less capable -- this was the deal maker for me -- something even "I" could do!


Note: this is the EDM LCD, the EDM LED would be slightly different, but you get the idea about these kits.

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For those placing orders:

If youhave not received your manual via email by the day after placing the order ... then something is likely getting blocked andyou should notify EDM by emailing them at mailto:[email protected]

Your emailand/or spam filtering may need to be configured to allow [email protected] to send messages.

They willsend out the manual ASAPafterreceiving an order.

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From the yahoo EDM group:

All our kits have static protection designed into the circuit. Although

it won't protect the RF amplifier against a severe electrical discharge

from a nearby lightning strike, it will give very good protection

against the occasional accidental body static discharge. Apart from

this we use a very robust RF output stage. The LED 10/100mW units as

well as the LCD uses a RF amplifier with very high specifications and

used in many military products. It is always a very good idea to unplug

any outside antennas during bad weather conditions. The failure rate of

RF amplifiers for our units are almost non-existent.

Other manufacturers seem to be having much more trouble in this area

from the feedback we get. The EDM is designed to be robust as some of

our engineers have experience designing military communications

circuits. Some users have had theirs on the air 24/7 for 3-4 years.

EDM Team

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I love to have one thoseFM radio. I only have 6-pole .That what Happen when you do not ask to much question. I do allot Search on this forum I always find my question.I just 3 month old pc member .I can‘t answer to much question for now to help member because I new on this . Something turn out you need one more pc member to finish your group let me know I would join the group.

Thank Daniel (Now I have 7 pole 3more to go):]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:waycool:

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We were at 2 order each of the LED and LCD on Friday. There are about 5-6 new orders possible today.

BTW, you are not limited to just one transmitter. You can buy one of each, if you so choose.

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johnny christmas wrote:

i like my PCI MAX so im out but thanks for the invite

Johnny I my thoughts exactly.... I'll stick with My Ramsey knowing its from a true American company, and its just a quick call awayfor support, and not a product from South Africa where many US citizens have fell into product scams over the past few years....

IMHO, something doens't feel comfortable on this deal...International shipping cost WAY more than the $8.50 I see on that shipping label.

Just my .04 ( .02 adjusted for inflation)

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taybrynn wrote:

The reason FM cannot transmit up to the 20K ( which most of use cannot hear anyways due to old ANALOG LOUD music listening) is becuase of the 19Khzpilot!

If that Pilot was not there anything above 15k pumped into the transitter would be transmitted anda matchingreceiver could recieve it, but we would most likely never hear it!

BTWplease define "CD quality" sound. That term is up there with "digital Ready". I have yet to hear the sound of 1's and 0's (errrr......binary code), and our ears are kinda of an old but pretty nifty design that only recieves analoginformation.

my .04 (.02adjusted for inflation)

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taybrynn wrote:

We were at 2 order each of the LED and LCD on Friday. There are about 5-6 new orders possible today.

BTW, you are not limited to just one transmitter. You can buy one of each, if you so choose.

So an order of 15 can't be submitted? It as to be 10 at a time?

It seems like a weird group buy. Prices usually drop based on volume ordered. With this one, it resets after every 10 pieces ordered. What price advantage would we have if 50 pieces of the lcd transmitter were ordered by PC members?

On something like this I would expect to see something structured like this (this is only an example):

1 - 10 pieces ordered = $150 ea.

11 - 20 pieces ordered = $145 ea.

21 - 30 pieces ordered = $140 ea.

31+ pieces ordered = $135 ea.

Members would have 30 - 60 days to place their order before all orders were submitted and the final price point was selected (based on the amount of orders).

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ChuckHutchings wrote:

My old LP's sound better than your CD's.

Well, except for the scratches and stuff. :P

hahahha I like that one!!!

So since I listen to MP3's on my phone off a flash card, is it "phone quality" sound or "Flash card " quality sound??

HMM just thought also, since this about FM transmitters, sincesome use our PC's for displays, is that "Hardrive/FM" or "PC/FM quality" sound??

Just for The S&G's( I'll let everyone figure that one out) I googled "CD Quality"sound" here is the definition...

CD-quality sound

Digitized sound at 44.1 KHz and 16 bits, the standard defined in ISO 10149, known as the Red Book. CD-quality sound was designed to be the minimum standard required to reproduce every sound the human ear can hear. Most audio CDs are recorded to this level.

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EDM is highly reputable company with support that equals that of Ramsey, IMHO.

There is nothing shady about this deal whatsoever. I don't think coming on here and insinuating otherwise is appropriate. The folks at EDM have been nothing short of steller in their support and willingness to offer this discount to all PC folks.

When I first joined here, I only heard good things about the Ramseys and I know many people are happy with them.

After talking to more folks here and in other forums, I found that a surprising number of folks end up being unhappy with their Ramsey transmitters for one reason or another. Ask Jeff Millard how he likes Ramsey .. he has owned 2 of them and ended up with hk transmitter from ebay instead.

These transmitters are an excellent value and the quality will shock you.

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I agree that the structure of this group buy is unusual. I explained (to EDM) how our typical group buys normally work.

I just tried to get a deal for the group and this is what EDM generously came up with for us. They are not giving any break to anyone else that I know of. These transmitters are already extremely price competitive to begin with. You are getting a superior product to the Ramsey at a lower price point and a much easier to assemble kit.

It is more of a bulk buying deal, but its a bulk discount contigent upon us supplying groups of 10 orders at a time. Its not a buy 100 and get an even better deal, as you might expect. I agree its strange, but its still a good deal ... and it is up to EDM to decide what the discount rules are. I'm just glad to get a discount.

Unlike most traditional group buys, this one will potentially last much longer and doesn't require a 50% pre-pay followed by a 2-3+ month wait. This really gives people the ability to get a good deal 'now' and only have to wait a week or two for the benefit to kick in. When a traditional group buy is over, its over ... till the next year typically.

This is a different model, but give it a chance ... this is only the 2nd day.

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