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Many Items for sale...

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Below is a link to many pictures of stuff I have for sale. I will be adding much more..

if you see something please email me..

These items are in Portage Indiana..they can be shipped

Yahoo name is woudemagang

aol name buckbeth1

email is [email protected]


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posted a few more..uploaded in the last few mins..

inflatables and large santa head from bronners

and have 10,000 mini lights.lots of c-9s rope light

a large santa that is in sleigh and waves

a ferris wheel


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I have many people asking prices and wanting me to hold things..

AS Much as I would love to..cause we all love christmas..

I am selling for $$$ and need now

So..the first one to pay...gets the items!!!

Thanks for all the great replys!!


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Okay..I have quite a few people who have contact me and I have gotten stuff ready for them...I understand I am selling this stuff..but if you want it..pay for it so I can ship it so I can see what I have left. If you have contacted me and dont want it..please let me know..so I can let someone else have it..

I have 100 ft (7.00)(weight is about 8)and 50 ft (3.00)(weight is4 lbs)ext cords..(orange)

I also have 3 prong connectors any many other misc items..

I am trying to keep this updated..

Thanks in Advance


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