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Many Items for sale...

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I am sorry for anyone who was trying to reach me....Just got in last night!!

I will try to go through the messages...

I am going to in the next day or 2 make a list of everything I have left..

ALMOST all my ext. cords are gone!!

I only have a few left...

if you are looking for prices on items..please check out the link in the first few posts..its for photo bucket..some prices are on there...

if there is something you want...(and shipping has been about a dollar a pound)....

even though you may of sent me an email or a PM..please resend....

I am going to be trying to get rid of my things..but some require a box..and I have found..the big boxes..UPS ups the pounds..due to size of boxes...I am selling alot of these items..way beyond..retail value and than with shipping..alot of them have still been cheaper than buying them outright!

Please be patient..and I will try to get to everyone..but I have not even gone out in the garage...since I have been home.. 14 hours in the car....WOW..it gets to you..so now its laundry time and time to get back to REAL LIFE...LOL

Thanks to all who have got things from me...!!


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