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Geting Lasik (PRK) eye surgery tomorrow

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Hey James,

Glad to hear your doing good. I go in on September 2nd to get my correction, mainly my right eye. The doc wanted a good healing before going for the correction. I'm wearing reading glasses just for reading and computer stuff, but regular stuff and driving is good without em, which is better than before I had the operation when I had to wear glasses 100% of the time. Lets keep tabs and see how we do.

I'm sure some reading this might say, jeez... email each other or something. But we are posting our experience and results for others to read and hope they can learn from our experience.

Of course we both did this so we could view the Christmas lights better ;).


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Hey Guys! Thanks for sharing your experiences...I always hear great things from folks only needing slight corrections...I am a 20/600+ correction and have always dreamed "what if...I could awake from a surgery and see everything with 100% clarity like normal people"

Now I realize that I should be happy being 100% correctable with either glasses or contacts...and dream about Christmas lights like normal people!!

:cool: <-- me in glasses

:) <-- me in contacts

:D <-- me dreaming about Christmas lights!

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Hey Guys,

Well, an update. I received the enhancement in my right eye today (on my birthday no less). The proceedure was the same but with just one eye. I'm doing MUCH better because I still have my left eye to see with, that makes a huge difference. Anyway, my right eye is blurry and irritates me like crazy with the contact lense to protect the surgey but I'm doing good. I also have all those eye drops to do AGAIN :mad: LOL. It doesn't seem as bad this time because I can get on the computer (with sunglasses) and stay on it a little longer than before. Of course the pain pills (and a beverage :) ) is helping out I'm sure.

Now if I can just milk this for extra treatment from my wife ;)...

James, hope everything is going good for you.

Just wanted to post the update.

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Hey Tom,

Glad to hear you are doing well. I had my right eye done on the 15th of Sept. and I'm right where you are. It sure does make a huge difference when you can see out of one eye. My left eye is for close vision only so my long distance is still blurry but I can live with that. I also have found that knowing what to expect makes it a little less irritating. I just want to see again so I can get busy with the display! :)

Talk to you later!


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Guest Jeff_Womack

I just had an appt this past week to check on my eye health. Great bill of health although my vision has slipped to only 20/20 three years after laser surgery! Kathy, I was 20/200 in each and now I can see forever! Well maybe not forever, but pretty darn good!

Glad everyone is doing well after their surgeries.

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