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Neighbor Thinks I'm Nuts

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As 2008 will be my first year with LOR, and also with a mega tree, I decided that I would put the tree up in my backyard as a practice run. Yesterday, (Saturday) I put up the center pole, guyed it down, and installed about 1/3 of the lights. Last night I turned it on as a static display, and one ofmy neighbors were in their backyardwatching as well. ( I did not know that he was watching me put it up).

Today, I was putting the rest of the lights on the tree, and hooking up my LOR controller, when he asked me what I was doing. I explained that this was a dry run, I had never done this before, etc., etc.,. I told him that tonight a mini show was going to run with just the tree going. He said that he was having some friends over tonight, and that they would watch the show.

I mentioned that I thought the tree might be too big for my front yard, and he told me that I could put it up in his if I needed to. Now isn't that a great neighbor?

Now I cannot wait for darkness to fall tonight!:waycool:

As a side note, putting all the lights on a mega tree and getting them hoisted up is a lot of work!!! I'm glad I did a dry run.

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Thats great that you have supportive neighbors....consider yourself lucky.

My neighbors likedmy displaythe first year as well... Then when they got to see the cars coming and actually lived in the moment of my christmas display their feelings changed unfortunately for year two.

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yeah I had problems with my mega tree this past year it never looked right to me and it seemed like every night only part would work. I basically abandoned the effort .

But this year Muhahahahaha I have bought some aluminum handle extensions this year which I think puts the tree at 12ft they were kinda spendy at $15.00 each but i think it will really work good.:waycool::waycool::waycool:

Might try that dry run myself after I get my lor after that stimulous check !!!

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