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Georgia Members...How Many????

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Hello from Albany, Georgia. 2008 will be our first year.

We are using LOR and LED lights. Radio transmitter too!

We have 38 channels presently.

Looking for other Albany, Ga people to talk to. I know you are out there! John and Darlene

Hello John and Darlene, I'm in Lee County. I started last year with 16 LOR channels and loved it. Moved up to 48 channels for this year and working on my first megatree. Good Luck! Troy

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Ok Georgia Members.......I want to know how many channels, lights you got. and when you started animating?

Add one more to the list for Georgia. :eek: :eek: :eek:

I started my usual static display of about 2000 lights on Thanksgiving weekend. Then decided to purchase a 16ch LOR. Got it on the 11th of Dec, built it that night and the next, was able to wire it up that weekend.

I have about another 3000 lights that I didn't put up. ( Didn't have enough extension cords, and I'm limited on outlets )

The following week, purchased and set up the Ramsey FM25B. Seems to work great.

So far, I have 3 songs in the show. I sequenced one and downloaded the other two.

Late start, I know. but so far it's been fun. I figured it wasn't tooooo late. I'm actually getting an early start for next year. :)

But good grief, what am I getting myself into ?!?

I'm in Acworth, around the corner from Hwy92 and Wade Green Rd.


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Hi everyone,

I'm Chuck Hammock from Macon Georgia. Started about 5 years ago with 16 channel of LOR in my yard. Did an indoor show with the "Live Out Loud" children's choir singing live and the sync'd instrumental track going from LOR to the sound/mixing board in 2006 and 2007 with DMX, fog, moon beams, snow, etc. In 2008 we did 208 channels of LOR and 35,000 lights at the Chick-fil-A at I-75's exit 169 as a benefit for Habitat for Humanity. More info is at:



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Hi Jerry Newbie:

Welcome. I'm in Albany. There are 3 of us in Albany that do this and one in Moultrie. So South Georgia is getting more and more Christmas Light Fanciers. We did our first display last year for halloween and Christmas. If you need any help, just ask. Everyone here at PC is very nice.

I got o Valdosta about 3 times a year to hold court. Maybe sometime I can give you a call when I'm there and we can talk Christmas lights. We usually go in November but not December. We are heading down to the Florida Mini Sept 19th. Are you going? Its free and should be fun. There's always something to learn. It is not far, down in Lawtey (Near Starke Fla just off I-10)

Darlene Pino & John Antoniewicz

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Florida Mini 09' September 19th at Lori's Lighted D'Lites!



Or just hit the SEARCH button up top and search for Florid Mini

and it will take you to it.

It is Sept 19th, starting at 10:00 till at Lori's Lighted D'lights in Lawtey, Fla

(just south of Starke, Fla on I-10) It is free (How lucky can we get?

There is a list of hotels there if you want to spend the night. Plan to be there all day. the new LightORama Ribbon lights will be demoed there.

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We are in the Preserve in Peachtree City. 2008 show included

176 Channels

60,000 lights.


I know you posted this a while back, but I'm just stumbling on this now.

How Cool! I am in Fayetteville off of Hwy92 South (for everyone not having a clue...it's about 15 minutes away from Art). This is my first year, so I have a modest 48 channels and not really sure how many lights ;-) I'm taking a static display and making it dance :-) Will be adding a 10' mega tree, 16 mini trees and a few other things that I will add as I go along. Reading all the different blogs, I think I'm far behind where I should be. With school starting up (I'm the band director over at Booth MS), it is kind of getting in the way ;-) Oh...on the display. It was all white before (guessing...10,000 lights...maybe), but am trying to add in Red and Green minis as well.

Oh well. Excited to have a fellow Planet Christmaser near by. Now let's see if I can get all the resistors on this LOR board soldered in before Church ;-)


Fayetteville, GA

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started 1998 with static, went with LOR 2007 64 channel , this year at least 32 more lights, 60/70,000 with twice that many in the barn ( NEED MORE POWER)

update, if I get my express's built, 176 channels, maybe 80,000 lights austell Ga just west of thornton Rd at Humphries HIll rd

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2009 first year with programmed music (other than preprogrtammed canned systems). Started with July 4 th so far 32 LOR channels and am now setting up for Halloween to include projection TV (sycronized with lights etc. along with the usual suspects. expect 5000 lights and am working on some animitronics. Hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. In Valdosta Georgia using our fabric stores 14 ft X 60 ft display case.

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