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Serious problem at our house

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I feel your pain. My house would be a free for all if there wasn't any type of game system around. My oldest child is into the Playstation 3 the 60 gig. He loves the war games and my middle child is into the Wii and nintendo DS light. He packs that DS around like it was made out of gold.

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Guest Scot Meyers

OMG, what a nightmare? No guitar hero? No Smash Bros? I'm not being sarcastic either..I love guitar hero and my son would go bonkers without his usual Smash Bros fix..I hope you get it back very soon!

Take the kids to the LAKE MAN!!

You live in MICHIGAN Come on. We would hit the beach as much as we could from June thru August. Take in a Tiger Game. etc You live in summer paradise

(minus the misquitos of course) we dont have a Wii or anything like that. The next best thing to heaven is being outside in the summer because the days of being stuck in that house during the cold snow months are just around the corner. (sorry if I came across sarcastic Gary)

(I do hope you get your Wii back before winter though. Otherwise the kids turn into mr hyde)

sorry to hear about your Wii I hope it can be fixed thats a lot of $$ for those things

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