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Mr. and Mrs Santa

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Guest A.F.NUT

I got mine off e-bay much closer to christmas keep trying there are usually a lot of them listed nov. dec. however they usually are not cheap. I do like this mold a lot good luck, tom

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The "Merry Christmas Santa and Mrs. Claus" was made by Empire. The mold was no longer produced after 1993. I do not know when it first started.

According to information that I have in my files, both sizes of the Santa and Mrs. Claus were first made in either 1978 or 1979.

I don't know what year the small one was discontinued, but I do know it was sometime after 1984 and before 1989.

We are fortunate enough to have both of them in our collection.


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There was a piece in the 96 blowmolds on ebay I fell in love with. A Mr. and Mrs. Santa standing back to back. Anyone know where I can find one? (I ran an ebay serch, no luck :( )

Don't assume that just because your search didn't find one that there aren't any on eBay. I see that one regularly. It would be a hard one to design a good search for--ambigious at best.


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