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Recently our subdivision has been having problems with some people from the subdivision behind ours vandalizing and steeling beer out of garages. The subdivision behind us is out of city limits so anytime something bad happens its a pain to deal with the police. Anyway we have a neighborhood watch with a e-mail that goes out to everyone so we're all in tune with what's going on. My wife has been getting lots of comments about what happenned to our Christmas display lasy year.

We were vandalized before we finished setting it up and I decided not to finish it. This year we're going full out and getting cameras.

I wanted to share this e-mail my wife received with the group...It shows that we have the best neighbors.


Hey Debbie - I know which house you are! When you mentioned the Christmas Decorations, I knew right away! We LOVE your decorations every year and we went back this past year and wondered why they weren't there.

I had no idea it was because of the vandals. The entire neighborhood gets to enjoy the work you guys put into it and it really bothers me to think that the reason was the vandals. Everyone had to miss out of it because of those kids, it's very frustrating.

Anyway - we have 2 sets of neighbors that already have cameras = the one bought the 2 camera set that he sends to a VCR in his house. But, when it's really dark out, it's tough to make people out. I think his was $138.

The one we are eyeing has 4 cameras, you can view it from the computer and tapes for 15 days, then starts over on day 1 - it comes with a DVR and it has night vision. It's $268 - I'm pretty sure.

I just dread doing it - I know that when we buy it, it means that I have once and for all lost all my faith in these kids. But even last night, it all started up once it got dark out - what goes on at Mira and Talismon is unending. I know we need to buy it.

I wish you luck, and I really hope to see those decorations out this year. I know the entire neighborhood will be rooting for you. Thanks so much for putting them up in the past, and hopefully in the future.

We have enjoyed it more than you know.

I also really wish it wasn't necessary for you to have to go that route, it makes me sad a furious at the same time. But, we feel as you do, we need to catch them and make examples out of them.

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i cant believe the kids would do that because its like if you did something to there stuff they would be mad, but you dont do anything to there stuff. i just dont understand how thats fun to them because if they got caught, oooooo i would be so mad.

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