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displays close to my brother in long beach?

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My brother lives in Long Beach, CA and doesn't seem to quite understand what an animated lightshow is all about.

Can anyone tell me of 2-3 really good shows that are not too far from where he's at?

I'd like to have him drop by and see a show or two this Christmas, so he can better understand what his crazy brother is doing. He sounded really interested in seeing a show sometime.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. my brother is 55 and likes music a lot ...

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Good advice.

Actually, I already showed in the videos from RichardH' web site ... but was wondering if anyone was doing a show in his vicinity this year ... so he could see one in person if he wanted.

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My house is only 30 minutes from Long Beach, down the coast. We are up and running from Thanksgiving Night through December 31st.

We have ten songs programmed using 96 channels of Light-O-Rama.

Directions are on my website: www.ZimChristmas.com Ask your brother to introduce himself for a full explanation. Regular visitors just get an explanation "the computer does it."

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