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Guest Lightzilla

Amen! To both parts! We're all learning and growing. Isn't it great that God doesn't give up and never stops loving us despite our faults!

How true.

When were in the valley of despair and we ask where are you God, how come your not walking with me, I mean when I look in the sand I only see 1 set of foot prints.

God reply' s, son I was there with you all the time, and those set of foot prints was me carrying you in your time of trouble.

The poem "Foot Prints" bring that truth out.

Anyhow, being hospitable is a good attribute to have and it sounds like you and your wife are that.

That is not my most cherished attribute or gift you might say, but getting a bit better, and I am still a work in progress.

Still I let relatives stay at my home but a separate guess room above the garage would be a good investment for me.

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I have a cousin who lives out of state, and we see each other every few years at BIG family events. We get along fine, but I wouldn't say we're overly fond of each other. A few years ago he called out of the blue asking me if he could stay at my house while he was in the area taking care of work related business for a few days. Now, if you're coming out to see me and spend time with me, that's fine. I'll make room. Heck, I'll even take you to see what Chicago has to offer. But this was a case of "I want to pocket the expense money and not spend it on a Hotel/Motel and I don't care if I see you or not". I was offended, but kept my poise and told him, "Bad timing, man, I'm going to be out of town that week". I'm hospitable, but don't use me. Especially for something unethical. Last time we saw each other, a couple of years ago, him and his wife were rather icy towards me. I can't for the life of me figure out why...


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I've always enjoyed (for a certain period of time of course!) having house guests. I lived in a 3 bdr house for a few years before moving about the country lately. I always had people coming in from out of town that I knew from the military, college, etc. I have no problem with them staying a few days to a week, but over that, I start to wonder if they are there to stay.

On a different note, a year or so back we had a big ice storm here in the Midwest. Many people were without power for a week or two. I was fortunate that I didn't lose power but for an hour during the storm itself. Since my parents live close by, I let some neighbor families live in my house till their power was back on and I went and stayed with my parents. My only request was that they please replace what they use! Other than that, my home was their home.

I gladly enjoy having house guests. And my home will always be open to anyone who comes through. If I can save a person a few bucks that might help them down the road in life, then I will do so. God graciously gave me the home I live in, and I will use it in a generous manner.

I will say tho, that the two families that used my home during that two week period were neighbors I usually didn't get along with and we are very good friends now.

I say "to each his own" as to whether or not to have guests staying at the house. Yes, I am a single guy so having company is nice every now and then.

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I love having company. People can stay over or just drop in unannounced to visit. It doesn't make a difference to us we love to have people at our house. Our door is always open for visitors. If they stay up late, get up early, make a mess, whatever it doesn't make a difference to me I can deal with pretty much anything even if it someone I do not like much. My parents home has always been inviting and a great place to get together or stay so I think that is where we get it from. Love Having Visitors!!!!

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