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to have or not have a light up party

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Last year was my first year to go animated (LOR) and I had planned a get together of a variety of people from different states and.....you guess it the board did not work because we soldered it wrong so I had to have an "open House" in the middle of December instead. This year...lesson learned....we will test EVERYTHING before our "Lighting Ceremony" which by the way is just us and my best friend and her family (30 people)

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I'm planning my first "light-up" party this year-a finger-food, BYO-type thing for a couple of hours on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The neighbors and friends are invited, and my girlfriend's band will be playing, AND the local TV station will be showing up to tape us.

We'll have to cancel if it rains...

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I have a very informal light-up party. It's mainly for the neighbors and friends. We serve cookies and hot chocolate. Santa made an appearance last year for the little kids. It usually lasts about an hour. Everyone has a lot of fun, it's low stress and spreads lots of neighborhood good will.

I do a test run before doing the show, and of course, if it rains we cancel. Having an official "turn-on" date motivates me to get everything done. Otherwise, I might never get it done....


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