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Rhode Island is a great state! Was there about 4 months ago picking up blowmolds off a native Rhode Islander. She couldn't decorate anymore due to illness but was thrilled to know that others in her state as well as in other states are still lighting up. Don't get discouraged I'm sure others are out there. In the meantime check in with other New Englanders we would love to hear from you. Elaine

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There must be a few Rhode Islanders here. This is my first year with automation, we are planning Halloween and Christmas displays. We will be using LOR controllers, I have 3 16 channel PC controllers. I built 2 as kits, then added one more during the summer sale. I have an EDM FM transmitter on its way, I bought this through the group buy. I bought a bunch of LED light strings from CDI during his pre-buy. I recently bought some sheets of coro from Modern Plastics right here in Warwick and will be making some coro halloween tombstones, a bat, and ghost.

RI is a great state, I have lived hear for over 28 years now. My hobbies are aviation (I own a Cessna 172 that I keep at TF Green airport), electronics (I work in the telecommunications field), home theater, and music (attempting to learn how to play an electric bass!).

Maybe some other Ocean Staters will chime in!

Howard in Warwick

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.... I know this may be odd... but for those that broadcase music do you handle the FM radio interference from the other displays in the state? (being the smallest state in the union at all)


Said only in pure fun! Glad to see more and more people decorating!

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New here,

Rhode island here. Southern part of the state. We have several great small displays in my area. Anyone interested in taking a trip down S.Co way let me know. Lets get little RI on the PlanetChristmas map. We could do a caravan, get together and share ideas


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Hello fellow Rhoddies....First post.

Rumford, East Providence here.I just have a couple of light strings with minimal channels to help brighten up the holidays.Nothing worth mentioning.Spoke to Frank while I was in Warwick last evening and also checked out the other Warwick display on W.Shore Rd.That might be Howard's.Pretty impressive displays I must say..I've also checked out the Oakland Ave(CrazylightkidR.I.) display in Pawtucket.Very nice.Yet to check out Tyler's in Coventry though.That's on my list.


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