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Just a Little Current Can Kill

Kathy Byrd

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Your heart beats because of electric current. It will stop because of it too.

Getting shocked and living to tell about it, is your wake up call.

I was working in an environment a while back, almost 20 years now...an elec cord ended up going thru a small amount of water into where we were working...grab the light to move it, we had air driven tools for the actual work...and wow that light was live...changed elec cord to avoid future shock...no GFCI in that work environment or I am pretty sure it would have tripped... Amazing how little can be fatal.

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But also can save your life.

I have an internal defibrillator that utilizes two wires that are in my heart. I have twice felt 30 joules, which both times saved my life.

It is amazing the extremes that various things can be compared to. For instance, electricity, in one way kills you, and in another way saves you. The amazing part is that the world we live in allows us the use of these technologies for the good of humankind.


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