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Avoiding Holiday stress

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Not that this avoids strees,but I wanted to ad that I always buy a couple of extra gifts such as scented candles or similar type things that can be given to either male or female.

It seems every year someone shows up at the family gatering with a new boyfriend/girlfriend and I think it makes them feel a little more welcomed and not like a unexpected guest having something on hand to give to them.

This has always made them feel much more comfortable and welcomed.

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while I do have a hard time shopping year round for Christmas presents because the mood hasn't hit me yet, or I'm just not looking. I usually buy myself a Target and Walmart gift card at the start of the year and put a few $$ on it each time I'm at the store doing some regular shopping, then by the time we roll past Halloween and the gift buying season starts I've got a couple hundred bucks to do some shopping that doesn't really come out of the current months budget

it's a little last to start that now, but something for others to consider heading into '09

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