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FM transmitter group buy on EDM LCD ends 10/31/08

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BATCH # 8 - GOING ON NOW! (0 of 10 confirmed orders) ...


The details are the same as before.

How to purchase:

  • I will PM you back the transmitter sale link where you can browse and purchase the transmitter directly from the mfgr using paypal. You are not obligated to buy.

  • Wait till 10 orders are placed ... then your transmitter will ship within 2 business days and typically takes 10-15 days to ship to your home.

Additional Information:

  • The EDM LCD is very comparable to Ramsey transmitters but at a much lower price point.

  • The LCD transmitter includes adjustable power control and should only be operated in a manner compliant with FCC Part15 regulations. This means making a wise choice of frequency, antenna and operating with the minimum amount of power required for your display. Typically, the included whip-antenna works just fine and provides plenty of transmission range.

  • The transmitters include a 2 year mfg. warranty std. compared to 1 year for Ramsey units.


BATCH # 8 - GOING ON NOW! (0 of 10 confirmed orders) ...

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Wow, nice review Harrison ! Thanks for taking the time to do all that work!

:cool::cool: BATCH # 8 - GOING ON NOW! :P:p

(8 of 10 confirmed orders) ... :eek:

only 10 orders in this batch

* PM me for the sale link *

Note: Trying to member verify Tim_Dill ... please PM me

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Wow, nice review Harrison ! Thanks for taking the time to do all that work!

Thank's Scott

I have received a handful on message on the BAD Hum on the FM30B - I have always had that hum - even on different power supply - I did buy it pre built so there may be a larger problem - but if you listen to the actual audio there is a LARGE difference.


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BATCH # 8 - (10 of 10 confirmed orders) ...


:D ** This batch has completed. ** :D

No more orders can be placed at this time. :mad:

Batch#9 may be pending ... and will likely be the last for 2008. ;)

Participants in Batch#8 - thanks! :cool:

John Lasher

Randy G

Donald Puryear

ken collins





Lou Knudson

Tim Dill

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Hoping to have batch#9 going by Monday next week.

Update on batch#7 folks:

Our shipper indicated that the first units should start arriving at members homes this week. The rest should arrive by Wed next week. They again had a incoming lot shipment pulled for inspection. Cartons had green tape showing
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My EDM LCD arrived on Saturday at about 1:30 pm.

I'm surprised it made it here the box was labeled for the wrong city and zip, that was sharpied out, and then it was hand written where it was intended to go. It didn't delay it though it came on the day I expected it to. The box wasn't bead up.

My thoughts of the EDM seem about the same with everyone else, I'm very impressed! (my full review is on my blog.)

On my blog I also have a sound comparison, of directly through my pc, and the other recorded with the edm in use.




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Ok folks, Batch#9 is now active.


The folks on the waiting list were given the first change to place orders, but the good news is that there is still 1 remaining transmitter available in Batch#9.

This is a great time to get in on this deal.

I am in talks with EDM to see about a possible batch#10 ... it would be the last group buy for 2008.

PM for the sale link -- may not last long.

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I received my kit unit today without instructions. A friend showed me what to do a while back, but I'm not going to risk damaging anything by working from memory.

This was disappointing; I look forward to hearing this thing in action.

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EDM sends the manual as a pdf when you place your order so you can study it in advance. This saves papers and gives you something to do while you await your shipment.

Good luck with your new EDM unit.


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My apologies for this. There are no paper instructions in the kit. No invoice either ... that is all normal, not a mistake. This is posted in my original post, but I could see how it could be easily overlooked.

This is the #1 complaint I get ... lack of printed instructions and manual. I have forwarded customer complaints to EDM, but they stand by their reasoning ... and have reasons for NOT including a printed manual ... its apparently related to a local 'green policy' and also to reduce shipping weight/costs.

You should be able to download the .PDF instructions (and can then print it) from my post at 1:29pm here:


The case comes with 2 screws on, and two off, in a plastic bag.

You take of the 2 back screws off to open it up to do the assembly. Later when you put it back together you would use all 4 screws.

Besides the simple soldering, be careful to make sure you insert the chip with the correct orientation. Essentially, the 'HALF MOON' side of the IC chip should be pointing AWAY FROM the two black frequency adjustment buttons (and away from the baby blue power adjustment). The half moon should be on the LCD display side, not clearly visible once the LCD is put back over the top of the IC chip.

Attaching your transmitter to the computer is normally done using a 1/8" male to dual-RCA male cable (mini headphone to L&R RCA jack cord). You can get those many places for $10 or less. The LEFT and RIGHT inputs are on the same side of the transmitter as the power plug. On the opposite side of the transmitter, is a single RCA jack and that is where you plug the antenna into. (i.e. test antenna or one you build yourself with RCA-connector or F-Conn to RCA adaptor).

Another COMMON problem can be when people attach the transmitter to a powered output ... it should be attached to a line-out from the soundcard or the headphone jack on a laptop. Adjust the levels to achieve the best sound possible.

Also, running a 1/8" (headphone) extension cord is useful in getting the transmitter further away from the computer, monitor, printer, fax machine ... or other sources of potential RF interference that could degrade your sound quality input or transmission clarity.

So run the cable as far from potential interference as possible. That also makes putting the antenna a better location easier as well. So Ideally, find either a long 1/8 to dual-RCA cable (hard to find) ... or get both a 1/8 extension cable and the 1/8 to dual-RCA cable for a more optimal setup. I've seen 25' and 50' extension cords on ebay for $5 to $10 shipped.

An example would be this ebay combo, which is under $10 BTW

link to ebay cord and extension

You basically tune in to the station you want using the buttons that can be accessed through the enclosure. I just used a toothpick to adjust mine with. One button tunes "UP" while the other button tunes "DOWN". It remembers where you last left it between power up/down cycles.

The transmitter comes preset to 10 mW power and can only be adjusted with the lid OFF. Read the instructions on how to do that.

Let me know if you still need the instructions and I'll email to you (if you provide an email address).



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I put my unit together today and it worked; I tuned it to the frequency of my choice. It felt good to have something turn out right.

But it shuts off after 5 minutes of broadcasting (the unit itself, not the included power adapter). The LCD goes blank and the output signal stops.

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Hmm ... that doesn't sound good.

Are you operating it outdoors? Just remember, the unit it not designed for outdoor use or in temperature extremes.

Please contact [email protected] about your problems.

I would advise not using it any more till talking to EDM support staff.

Let us know how it goes ... EDM will take care of you. ;)

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I will find out about batch#10 on Tuesday.

PM me if you want to get on the batch#10 waiting list.

The list has 7 folks already, some who missed out on #9 because it went so fast.

This will be the last EDM group buy in 2008.


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The pdf is emailed to you, Also its been posted several times in different forum posts about the edm itself. I'm personally glad edm choose to be "green".

Inside the box in really tiny letters is a stamped in massage in red ink stating:

"The instruction manual has been emailed to you, please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions."

I will take a photo of the stamped message in the box soon, but the box is at my friends house at this moment.

Also I have posted the PDF here.


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My multimeter says that the DC power adapter is putting out 3.3 volts instead of 12 volts. EDM is sending me a replacement power adapter. Besides shutting down after 5 minutes, I couldn't tell any difference between the default 10 mW setting and the 100 mW setting. I am looking forward to hearing the difference those extra 8.7 volts make.

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rbar, sorry to hear of your troubles.

I will say that yours is the second bad power supply this year ... EDM told me that that have had a few bad ones and were not satisfied with the quality control from the supplier of those.

Yes, there should be a batch#10, but I haven't heard from EDM yet (but I am on vacation this week and available only at my yahoo email address).

There are at least 15 folks on the waiting list and batch#10 will only be for 10 transmitters. So I still taking email addressed of those folks interested in getting on the pre-order waiting list. Then I will email you all at the same time when batch#10 starts and they probably won't last 24 hours. Batch #10 will be the last group sale of 2008.



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