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FM transmitter group buy on EDM LCD ends 10/31/08

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If anyone comes across this thread ... the group buys for 2008 are over.

I do have a few transmitters for sale (private sale) for those wanting one at the last minute. Details are on my web site: http://www.rockinchristmas.com

I can get them to you in a week or less. The units I don't sell will go up on ebay fairly soon.



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All I can say isWOWWWW!!!!

I consider myself pretty handy mechanically but those skills were not necessary in assembling this transmitter. I have done some soldering over the years but mainly using a gun style iron. So I heeded the instructions and went and spent $9.99 at Wal-Mart for a 25 watt iron (to be under the 100 watts). Without exaggeration, it took longer for the iron to heat up than it did to assemble the kit.

It powered right up and my first test was using the test antenna but frankly that may be all I need to use. I had it attached to my PC in the den less that 3 feet from it and probably other things that should cause interference but I easily heard in my driveway outside and I walked a half a block away and still had crystal clear stereo reception with no hum whatsoever!!!

Living in Florida and the only hills we have are grading the lots to keep water from pooling in the yard, so I am sure that may of helped somewhat.

I am very glad I went the EDM route and thank Steve for making it more affordable for us!!



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Steve / Scott .. same difference.

(Actually Steve is my brother)

Thanks for the update ... thats great to hear your experience! Yours is a typical experience with the EDM, based on the vast majority of feedback from members.

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