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My New Location for 2008

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Hello everyone. Since my Neighbors pulled the plug for 2008 I have been looking for a new location.

I had a few locations that I was looking at and this is going to be the one.


It may not look like much from the photo since I had to Make a Panorama out of it but it is a pretty good size. As you can see it is mostly going to be all trees which is going to require A LOT of wrapping (Joy!). We are going to hire some labor though to help out with it so I will not be doing it all myself.

The location is on the side of my Dad's house and has a pretty good parking area.

Google Street View

Here is a sat image with the area marked where the light show will be.


It should work out pretty good because the street gets really wide in front of the display which should allow traffic to flow.

It is going to be a lot different though then my my 2008 display and will not translate to video quite as well because it is so long and not as tall. People will be able to walk along the sidewalk though and be able to see it up close or park on the side of the road. I plan on placing several speakers along the front so you can hear it as you walk down the sidewalk looking at the lights.

As you can see, no house is going to be involved.

I plan on putting arches and other things that I have made in the area but still have to plan it all. I know I am running late for this year but should be able to pull it off.

Should be fun.


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Excellent Richard. I'm glad you were able to find a place! Good luck putting it together it will be a challenge as it is so different from the canvas you are used to working on. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Great news! I'm really glad to hear you found a place and will be getting a display again this year. I know you've got some challenges ahead with the late start and new canvas, but we all know you can pull it off and make it look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing the results!

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Thank you everybody for your encouragement. It should be a interesting project. I am going to keep with the Red/Green/White theme. Really no new features but just moving it all.

Nice Location my friend!! Good Luck to ya.

but one qestion were u gunna put ur LOR??

Actually there are large power boxes right behind the trees so power is not a probelm. The Electrician is coming next week to figure out how we are going to hook up 20 dedicated circuits without outdoor outlets in the middle of the trees.

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Thats Awesome! I'm glad you found a place to do the display. That space looks really great, nice choice. I PMed you to ask if I may help you to setup the display if thats alright. It would be honor to work with you on the display.


Hey I could always use free labor! LOL! PM sent.

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Richard, glad to see you are back in business. I'm sure it will turn out fantastic just as it was at your house. I've been back on YouTube in the last few weeks showing my family your stuff. Man, excellent work! Anyway, good luck with the setup. Love to offer my services but I'm setting up 80 channels myself for my first year with LOR so plenty to do here in Ogden. Have fun and please be safe! Let us know the address for viewing!!!

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Glad to see it looks like everything is going to work out! I think everyone who has an HOA is always waiting for "THAT" letter... Very unfortunate that people have such a bah humbug attitude....

But I do appreciate what neighbors have to deal with! I just hope that some folks remember why some of us do this!

In my case - how better can I say Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ - my personal Savior!?


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