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Craigs List and Ebay

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Can you say 'brittle and crumbling'?  

I encourage people to drop of there molds to me if they don't want them. No takers yet lol

Donna, I know who the seller is and he started out small like the rest of us and spent a lot of money through the years acquiring the blow molds from eBay, Craigslist, yard sales, etc.  He was a PC me

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I would guess 20lbs per side. It Could be heavier if the back of mold is solid. 

Attached is a picture for height. I looked up aluminum bar 6.2x2x2=2lbs

the owl pumpkin is around 14” tall and about 11-9” diameter 



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Craigslist has been kind to me! Some of the items I got I am not sure who made them? It a set of Noel candles with non-fused plug see pictures below. Also I got a Santa with empire stamp on it but can’t find one that matches on blow molded. Any help would be appreciated.





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More interesting blow molds that show up on CL in the "extended area" listing.  Too bad they are about a two hour drive away.  They have been there for 21 days.  The seller has a pair of 19" Empire elves and a penguin in front of an igloo.  I could find a reference for the elves but not for the penguin.  Asking prices for either is $45   The elves are missing the black snow shovels part of the original Empire display.  BTW, the three local blow molds shown in my previous post have not sold yet.  There are quite a few high priced blow molds in the extended list.  The third picture is of a GF nativity set with an asking price of $500.




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From the narrative " Plastic is cracked and missing at base. Covered with white tape to support and hide. One piece missing in back 1" long-also covered with tape and colored. Motor makes a screeching sound-so you need to be handy to fix. "   I think I would wait to find one for the $400 mentioned by the seller if it was in good shape. 

I looked this morning at my local CL and nearly all of the blow molds mentioned in my recent post are all still up for sale.  You can ask any price you want but there apparently aren't a lot of buyers willing to pay a premium. 

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