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Adding temporary Power Pole Question

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Depending on your local code enforcement, you may not have to follow local codes. I mean how many Christmas displays follow local electrical codes? How many of us use indoor cords outdoors?

You actually need to follow code. NEC 590 refers to what we do, Temporary Instalation. Most displays are up for less than 90 days.

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I'm pretty good at electrical. Wired several of my own houses, all my projects, new service in this one.

When you start talking transformers, extra lines, temporary sub panels, 440v - 220 v 400 amps etc. It is time to call an electrician. Not just any electrician. You want one that does temp setups for festivals, home shows and fairs. For what you want, they can probably do in 2-3 hours. Probably have all the "temp" equipment for rental etc.

I know we're all trying to save a buck, but I do not want to read your name on here Dec 3 saying you didn't make it to Christmas. I bet for a 1 year, 1 shot deal, haveing a temp setup guy come in a do it would SAVE you money over doing it the right was.

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CamLok with heavy conductors will be your best option. Any Show production/sound/lighting rental place will have that. Most likely called <feeder cable> in their terms with a <Pigtail> to connect to the breaker.

The rental should not be too expensive.

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We had another transformer so I had the original electrician that installed the first transformer install another one. He installed the transformer, another panel, and added 20 breakers. I then went in and installed 20 GFI outlets and just finished it up today. We have 240 amps at 110v to work with.

I will take some pictures the few days and will try and post them.

Things have been crazy.

We are suppose to go live this coming Friday and I only have one song sequenced! I still need to hook up all the controllers and run the cords.

This year we have 150,000 lights and if everything was on at once it would draw 500 amps! Most of it though is Red, Green, & White lights on trees and I only have on one color at a time on a tree so we should be fine but we are pushing it.

If we don't have enough power, I can run a temporary cable from another location that is about 200 feet away and bring in another 100 amps at 110v.


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