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Christmas show on Youtube!

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Question... there is an upbeat medley of Christmas carols that plays from about 3:05 of part 1. Is this a published song available free/for purchase to anybody or was it mastered especially for the tv programme? If it is a published song, what is it called and who is the author?


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i reconized a few like the first one with the water, is bill vanderslice here on the forums.


Yes, Bill is on the forum. He presented at the Florida mini at my house in June. On the show he had 30 something thousand lights. I believe at the Mini he said he had over 100,000 lights last year. I believe the show was the 06' season.

He is just like he was on the show, fun and a lively. He has a great passion for this hobby and he has a very charming wife.

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