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My light display might end up in Marty's Back Yard

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This has been a crazy year. Since I got kicked out of my neighborhood I have been looking for a new place to do my display. I was going to do it at my parents house and was just about to install a lot of power where we need it and then I got an interesting e-mail today.

Last year I used my display to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. They recently found out that I was not planning to do it at my house and they offered me their building to do the display.

I called the lady there to see how serious they were and they are REALLY serious and want to make it work. The location is perfect because they have a parking lot, and directly east of them there is another parking lot that can be used and that a great view.

See the location here

I am going there in a few hours to see how the location is going to work and what the power situation is. Then it dawned on me that Marty of Christmas Utah lives only 1 mile away for the Make-A-Wish Location!

I know there is not a lot of time left to design an entire display and get it set up but they have a lot of volunteers that can help.

I really wish it was further away from Marty's display though.

=== Edited to add.

Right now I am thinking I really want to jump on this and move in this direction. Will keep you guys posted.

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I don't think that will be a bad thing for your display. As for Marty his may just get a lot busier.... I bet most people that know about both will make a night of both:D

It looks like you may need some traffic help with as busy as that street looks. It'll be a real learning experience, that's for sure!

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Wow! I had not been on the forum for a quite a while and didn't realize your display needed a new home. You have one of the best displays out there and I think the Make-A-Wish building will work well for you. I wish you the best.


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With the price of gas these days, I think people will be happy not to have to drive any more than needed to see multiple high class displays.

Its looks like a great location, although you may have some serious traffic issues with people getting in and out of the MWF parking lot. People backing out to leave and people coming in your bound to get hangups and with the single exit your inflow and out flow pattern may become a issue. With the number of people I'm sure you get a night, your most likely going to need some sort of traffic control personnel out on the street. What is the building directly to the east? It looks like they have a much larger and better flowing parking lot. You may want to see about having MWF contact them about "renting" parking space as a tax donation to MWF. I think that parking lot would work out better as far as getting viewers in and out of the display. You can have one entrance and one exit. Good luck, looks like you have some work to do!!!!

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I went up and talked to them and they are pretty excited and really want to make it work. Here are a few shots I took so I can start working on ideas.



What is the building directly to the east? It looks like they have a much larger and better flowing parking lot.

We plan on using that space. Right now that entire building is vacant and nobody uses the parking lot. They know the person the owns it and they are going to talk to them. This will really open up the parking. I forgot to take photos of the parking lot but here are some from google.


If the MAW parking lot gets to crazy, we thought that maybe we could close it and people could watch it from the parking lot to the east, or they can park there and walk into the MAW parking lot which will be pedestrians only.


And if it gets really busy, we may be able to use some of this really large parking lot that a furniture store owns.


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I am very excited for you.

How incredible that is, you help M.A.W.F. with the power of your display and now look, they are wanting to help you by giving you a place to set your display up.

It just goes to show, what goes around does come back around. :D



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What a wonderful turn of events! I'm so excited for you just thinking about the possibilities. I don't know how much you'll be able to recycle from last years display, but I know we are all looking forward to seeing the results. :)

So what does the power situation look like? I don't imagine a normal commercial building site would have enough outdoor power by default.

You might also consider security. Being out on a more public street will add exposure, and might make it a more tempting target after hours. Just a paranoid thought I had.

Like you said; lots of work to do, but lots of help available. While they can't do the planning or programming, they will certainly come in handy during set-up and operations. And don't worry about the distance from Marty's display, I'm sure He'll enjoy the company. :D

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I've been in and around that building (Springville High donated $8,000 last year and the Student Council went there to present the check). Those are some great people, and I can only imagine the possibilities there.

I'm not concerned with vandalism so much as I am with traffic hazards. That road's pretty busy for people to look over and watch. But, I hope it works out!

Your display was amazing last year, by the way. :)

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UPDATE: I decided not to do it at the Make a Wish Foundation and going to go ahead with my original plan of doing it on a strip of trees at my parents house. I will still though have a Charity box for MAWF if people want to donate to their cause.


One reason is the Make a Wish building is almost 40 miles a way from where I live and trying to find the time after work and on the weekend might be hard to pull off. Plus I have already started planning this other location and having to start a new design and figure everything out and trying to get it installed and running before thanksgiving just does not seem like enough time. Also having it at the MAW building would take it out of my area.

Also living so far a way, I will not be able to quickly go over there and fix something if something happens to go wrong.

It is good to know though that they are always open to have it there so who knows what next year might bring. Maybe I could do display there and in my area if I can get volunteers to help out.

Thanks for everybodys support and comments!

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How and where are you getting all the power to where you need it??


Having to install it all. I am going to have 240 amps (at 110v) to work with which I am a little concerned might not be enough. Last year I had 300 amps to work with.

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