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Wake up rhode islanddd

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Hey everyone im Tyler and from coventry. Iv got 64 LOR channels and 85,000 lights. a 5 person light band and a singing reindeer. I go to Coventry High and im only 17


(I Know you are Mr Synch! i got you into this! haha show yourself)

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Hey sink! its about time someone from this state answered, considering the fact your my X history teacher haha but its all good. Iv already got 12,000 lights up. What with this 4 day weekend it really gave me a ig head start.

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I live in Warwick. I have been lurking here for quite a while, I too got hooked when seeing Wizards of Winter:cool: on youtube and started looking around. I got hooked last year when I saw the 2 displays here in town last year. I managed to get some stuff on clearance but wanted to wait for things to get better financially, unfortunately it hasn't happened yet:(. I would like to do something this year but I don't think I will be able to swing it. My wife finally is looking at videos of other people's displays and says she likes arches so I might just start making them and wait till I can afford the controllers.



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