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The Other Nick's Halloween Display

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This year its just static blowmolds and flood lights, some of my favorite molds are Halloween, so they all got put out...the rest however, reside in the "Land of forgotten Blowmolds" in the backyard.

Over the summer our city put in street lights down the street...aww how thoughtful...but since I live on a corner, that's the 3rd street light shining on my house. Okay, was kinda mad at that. But I got even... seems those little dinky 100 watt colored floods wouldn't work...so I had to pull out the "BIG GUNS" ....300w par56's. Oh yeah!...

Picture time!, sorry that some of these pictures aren't of the best quality.

P.s. Hang on, got a couple of posts worth...

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Thanks Everyone, I realize that I didn't take pictures of the blowmolds...and I posted this in the Blowmold fourm...I'll get them tomorrow.

Nice job buddy looks great, have u ever thought about adding strob lights?? "if u allready have them??

I do, but I don't usually put them out until halloween night, cause other wise it just gets annoying inside...

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