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32 Channels -Can I do it? Please Help!

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Ok - Last year was my first year for animation. I had 16 channels and here is what it looked like.


I think it was a good first try but I wanted to expand this year. I would like to buy an additional 16 channels for a total of 32. Here is what I would like to have in my display:

10' mega tree

3 10' leaping arches

8 or 10 mini trees

4 green 85 watt flood lights

4 Red 85 watt flod lights

2 eight foot trees

4 sets of icelcle lights on botton roof line

3 sets of icelce lights on top roof line

5 sets of icecle lights around perimeter of yard

1 six foot inflatable snowman

set of 3 individual small snowmen

2 dear

1 small sleigh

Some other misc stuff

The big question is, do you think I can control all of this with only 32 channels. What is the minimun number of channels (that still looks good) for a 10' mega tree? What is the minimun number of channels (that still look good) for each leaping arch? After the mega tree and arches are done, will I have enough channels to make the remaining stuff look good.

I can't begin to tell you how many displays I have viewed on this site and I am still totally in amazment. I will never get to were most of you are but I am totally impressed by all the talent in this group. I thought radio control airplanes were challenging!!!!!!!!!

I am really looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks, Steve

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No. unless the mega tree is on one channgel (means no flashing and twirling of lights like most of them do.) It takes a lot of channels to run a mega tree. Using some LEDs will help too. You find yourself where we all are, needing more light controllers and more electricity to the house!

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If budget only allows this, I might sugguest to only animate a few things. Might want to only animate the arches and maybe the tree. Than have the rest under one or two channels just to be able to dim. Hang in there, we all know the feeling of wanting more channles. Also remember the time it takes to program, I think it is better to only have one or two songs programmed nice, than to try a crame in a bunch of songs that are not really done nice. I'm sure you have seen them posted too.

I am in the boat of having the channels to do want I want, but only as of now, but only have two songs nearly done. 30 days to lights on for me....going quick :(

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It can be done combining multiple things on the same channel, and limiting the number of channels that "channel-eating" things like mega-trees and arches take. For example:

6 - Mega-tree

5 - Leaping arches (all 3 wired together)

8 - mini trees

1 - Green Floods (all together)

1 - Red Floods (all together)

2 - 8' trees

1 - icicle lights bottom

1 - icicle lights top

1 - Icicle lights perimiter

1 - inflatable snowman

1 - small snowmen

1 - 2 deer

1 - sleigh

2 - misc

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I know what you are going through. This is my first year with LOR eventhough I've owned the hardware now for 3 yrs. I thought I would start with 10 mini trees two colors thus 20 channels. Now I find my self with 64 channels. I had already finished 4 songs with 20 channels and i have started additing the remaining 44 channels. I think at this time of the year you have your work cut out for you. I have been staying up late working on my synchronizing .

Good Luck

Ricardo A

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