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How Much Candy ???

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Ok, some of us really go all out for Halloween, mostly just because WE enjoy doing it. But do you realistically get enough trick-or-treaters to justify if you were doing this for them?

How many trick or treaters do you anticipate and how much candy do you have stock piled??

We've got 11 lbs of candy and expect to give it all away to about 250 kids tonight, partly because others come to our neighborhood to trick or treat.

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I get a large bag of "Filler" candy and a few bags of candy I know I will like for the rest of the year (in case of left overs). We also get Halloween pencils and this year some rulers to hand out. The kids like the different stuff and not just candy. I will never forget the little girl who did a dance once she found a pencil in the treat bucket. We have never run out of candy and I find fewer people in our neighborhood are handing out candy when I walk the kids around the neighborhood. Kids appear to get trucked in once word gets out you have the good stuff since we have more visitors each year.

I keep some candy in my main container and a hidden container stashed with the refill so it looks like I'm not overly stocked on candy. Some kids are timid and have to be coaxed to get more than one piece and (last year) one kid got past me and dipped into the "reserve." I recommend keeping a little candy back to ensure you don't run out. Not so much for the trick factor but for the look of sadness on a child's face who doesn't score candy.

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After 5 years of doing a "really cool" (as per the neighbors) Halloween display, I'm taking off this year, as hubby and I are going to a Halloween party at a friend's house and the timing interferes with the Official 6p-8p Trick or Treating time that our community invented (HOA's...can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. I like that none of our neighbos have painted their houses purple but...). However in past years we've gotten about 50 kids. Is it worth all the work for 50 kids? Not really - but it's more for me than for them. ;)

Pics of our Halloween display from 2006:



And at nighttime:


As for how much candy - I'm the weird one in the neighborhood and give out toys. Usually get them from Oriental Trading. Generally cost a little more but they last from year to year and I'm not tempted to eat them!

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We have a parade complete with firetruck and ambulance in our neighborhood that starts at 5:45. There will be somewhere between 400 and 500 kids in the parade. I live on the other side of the parade starting line but we'll still see over 400 kids tonight. The first year we lived here I didn't know what to expect and I ended up giving silver dollars to the last 50 or so kids because we were out of candy.

My neighbor is a vendor for the Indiana Pacers and makes cotton candy in his garage all night giving each kid a bag.

We don't go all out on the decorating but we did build a 12 foot spider web from fishing line and purple mini's this year.

I'll post pictures of the parade and spider web later tonight.

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And then there are people like me who get 10.

Not 10 lbs. 10 kids. All night.

I live in a development, but I'm at the end of a street with houses only on one side. The goblins get to the corner, look down and only see 3 houses (2 this year since one is being foreclosed on). They quickly decide to go back the other way.

The ones that do make it down here are 'treated' with real full-sized candy bars and trinkets (this year glow necklaces).

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Well we don't live in a development, everyone of our trick or treater has to be driven to our house and we expect to have about 150 TOT. We made up 150 treat bags with a mini frisbee and are also giving out glow bracelets. We also have some back up candy and yes it well worth it.

The Tub in the picture is 19 Gallons.

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At 6PM I more than doubled the amount of Trick or Treaters: 5 total. None since then :(. No one has even seen my pumpkins lit! :(

Someone... PLEASE come to my house! I have goodies!!!! :D

edit: WOO HOO! 8!!!!

So far:

3 Princesses

2 Generic Monsters

1 Superman

1 Cowboy

1 Mummy

Edit 2: A new world record, 16!!!!! There is a Great Pumpkin!

A couple more super heroes, 3 transformers (I think they were all brothers), a couple of fairies, and GI Joe.

And I really DO think it's the Great Pumpkin's doing. I dug out my Peanuts Halloween DVD and fired it up. Since then I've hit the mother lode!

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Like Mike, if I get 10 kids tonight it will be a big Hollyweenie.

We're in a development that was built in the early 1970s and most of the people here are the first owners of the homes -- so they're a little past the whole kid thing (not grandkids, though). Also, we're midway up a hill, which is tough on the goblin escorts (ie: adults).

We bought four bags of those mini-bars, which I hid from the wf when they got home, so they're still here. I'll lock up the cats in about an hour, pour a couple of the bags into a bowl and see what we get.


PS: I don't decorate for H'ween, mostly because I don't think I can surpass what my mother and father did in the 1960s. They loved to scare the crap out of kids. Mom dressed as a witch, made kids come into the darkened house, reach into a bowl of peeled grapes, the whole thing. After they passed in the mid-1980s, my sister lived in the house and I was there for Halloween dinner one year. A kid and adult came to the door; the adult asked, "Does the witch still live here?" I almost sobbed.

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about 8pm I ran to the store for a snack (for me) and an extra bag of candy

in all we gave out the entire 13.5 lbs of candy to about 300-325 kids. Some of the later groups would drive up, walk up to the door, then hop back in thier truck to go find their next house.

the last group was 8 teenagers one of whom had come back to bring his friends. I had already started tear down and gave them the last 3-4 handfuls

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Between 6 and 7:45 I had eight kids come (four visits of two each). At 7:45 I wanted dinner, so I put the bowl full of four bags (minus whatever I gave the four kids) on the porch; when I went back at 9, the bowl was almost empty.

As the wf said, it only takes one greedy kid ...


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Heh, we give out a handful to each kid and typically pick up about $80-$100 worth of candy at Target or some other discount store.

This was the third year of my Halloween show and we're starting to get a *lot* of people driving their kids into the neighborhood for it.

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