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Halloween 50% off!

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Hubby and I have been trying to curb our spending, what with the economy and several high-end bills in a 6-months period (new car, renovating our bathrooms, etc.). But I just can't give up 50% off holiday decorations. Besides, I don't look at it as spending a lot of money...I see it as SAVING $375 (grin). So this year I got:

Orange LED icicle lights (6 boxes)

2 more light-up plastic pumpkins (one is HUGE - 3' tall) for the pumpkin patch

2 light-up "haunted trees"

Life-sized ghoulish scarecrow

Life-sized ordinary ghoul

Small hanging ghoul

Foam buzzard

2 light-up pumpkins with fog feature

6 mini fog makers

Prolly some other stuff too, that I don't remember off the top of my head.

Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to PUT it all, until next year.

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You sound like me and all of the Christmas decoration's that I've bought these past 2 month's at yard sale's ,flea market's ,Goodwill and Hobby Lobby. :D

Right now it is stacked behind the couch,beside the tv, in one corner of the bedroom and in the bedroom closet . I just can't see packing it all down stairs when I'd just have to tote it back up after Thanksgiving.

When I bring up what is downstairs from the past few year's that I've collected ,I'm going to go through it and get rid of stuff that I no longer want so I can make room for the "new" stuff.

My b/f says that we need a bigger house so I have room's to put everything in to decorate .

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My fiance and I went out to yesterday to Target, Walmart, and 2 Big Lots. She's not a big Halloween decorating fan, but was picking out items left and right (gotta love her). We didn't have that much for our Halloween display this year, but we did get a lot of compliments on our display and animated skeleton in the coffin. This is what we picked up at the stores:

Life-size animated Butler

Orange LED lights

5 different tombstones (the heavier ones, not the foam ones)

a bag of bones

another fog machine with juice and remote timer

spider webs


pumpkin strobe lights

36" animated spider

light up spider web

and other little things for next year

Now it's time to prepare for Christmas!! WOOHOO!!! Last year we picked up a TON of stuff after Christmas and we are both looking forward to putting it out this year.


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I'm not a huge fan of the styrofoam tombstones - here in Central FL, temperatures in October are still in the high 80's and they just don't seem to last more than a season or two. The plastic ones they sell at Michael's are good - the stakes tend to break more often than the grave markers themselves falling apart. Not nearly as much of a selection for the plastic ones, though, at least not for the ones that are more than 9" tall.

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