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Everything Must Go... :( 2nd thread

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From your join date and who the display is modeled after I would guess that your lights have been used 2 seasons? Are you thinking of selling the controllers?

Who's display is it modeled after. I thought It was pretty original myself.


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Ok everyone lets think this through before we ask questions like does this include the lor boxes. He is selling a 14 foot megetree with alot of lights for 350 dollars. He says this eats up 65 channels. I know we are all crazy for Christmas but he would be REALLY and certifiably crazy to sell the tree, the lights, AND 65 lor channels for 350 dollars. Hate to sound cranky but the SAME question has been asked many times. As for wasting time I meant over the years not the last 45 minutes. lol I am sad to see this display go it was one of my favorites.

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Steve thank-you for your input. Did you see any place in his original post where he listed his controllers for sale? If he is selling everything as he stated then I thought I would ask if he was selling them. I never asked if they were included in with anything. But I appreciate you talking down to us. You know I may not be smart enough to figure out

he is not giving away his controllers but I have enough upstairs to know his display is an attempt to copy the video that took PC and LOR to the next level. Here is a hint, the peace sign, the red, green and blue icicle lights, the mini trees like a pyramid,2 wreaths, a mega tree. Maybe I am wrong but look at his for sale list and this link.


In no way am I making any judgement about his display because it looks very nice

Maybe I just need to think this through some more.


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Overeazy the comment was not made towards you. If you look through the post that question had been asked several times and the op did not say that the mega tree etc came with the LOR units. The question was whether the 350 dollar megatree came with the LOR units. Was just using deductive reasoning. Sorry if you felt as if I was talking down to you that was not meant was just wanting to make sure that the same question would not be asked over and over again. The carson williams video did not take pc to the next level pc was around quite sometime before this video and had alot going for it before this video. Pc has come along way from the diy controllers to drew hickman with his original dasher boards where he was selling them from his christmas cave website. Again I apologize if you were offended but being a person who has been here for over 9 years some of the questions are asked time and time again and just wanted to help with the answer to the megatree coming with the LOR units.

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I would like to than Steven Singleton for answering the question asked here in this thread; you have done a great job so far. Just to be clear, the LOR controllers have all been sold.

Yes, I did model the display after Carson's. However, I attempted to take it to the next level by adding two additional colors to the house, having a four color mega tree, 24 snowflakes, window and door light and lets not forget I created my own lighting sequences. I have always given credit where credit is due (read through my forum post if you don't believe me).

I have shared my lighting sequences with over 50 people though PC and I have been rewarded by them sending me videos of my lighting sequences adapted to fit their displays. I would never think of criticizing someone because they copied my work. The real matter of importance is that they took the time and put in the effort to put on a great light display!

Those that want to critic my light show because of the layout similarities to Carson, I do not apologizes. In fact when I first started Carson freely shared his famous WinW sequences with me and help me get started. I know that my light shows brought joy to thousand of families that came to visit the display over the two years it was running and not to mention that in 2007 the display raised over $3700.00 for make-a-wish foundation. Wait Richard Holdman made my decals that were on my donation box!!! Oh the shame, what was I ever thinking...

I say Overeasy... take it easy... Remember that PC is all about making lifelong memories for those that visit your display. Should I call out those that have bought some of my display elements and put them down for a lack of creativity? No answer needed that was rhetorical.

Oh, more shame... I used the Logan Moore Method for my Tune-To Sign.

I have spent hundreds of hours building these display elements, Instead of them collecting dust in the basement, I would much rather see them put to good use and continue to make lifelong memories incorporated in others displays.



By the way, all my lighting sequences are still free!

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