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Displays in VA

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Just signing back on for the first time this season. It'd be nice to do something like this. I'm located on the bay in Deltaville, VA. Of course, you have all the displays on the Tacky Light Tour in Richmond, and I'm sure the valley, Hampton Roads, and Northern Virginia all have plenty of displays...

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STEPHEN you are not far from me. I have a smaller display in Gloucester. I am not Danny Joyce. yes I get asked that alot. I am aiming to add LOR to mine this year. If the sequencing doesn't beat me up first. I have ordered the house on Christmas street sequence to help me out a little. I have no idea how many lights I have anymore. I used to know but lost count somewhere.

I am interested in finding the displays in Virginia. I would be willing to list mine. Where and What do we do Bill?? I am coming to see yours and Andy's Thanksgiving weekend if you give me your address with some directions. I have the GPS but it can get you lost too. I got lost going to the mini this year and had to call for the directions. I was across the street from it. LOL

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At least GPS got you close. I still get a chuckle out of you calling to see where we were holding the mini and I looked and saw you over at the church. Look forward to seeing you again. I usually light up on Sat of Thanksgiving weekend. Of course if you are coming on Friday I will work a little harder to be ready.


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Hey Lightitup,

The way things are going around here health wise and weather wise the second weekend in Dec. might work best. I'm shooting for Thanksgiving night but it's looking more like the 1st of Dec. Shoot a pm my way when you plan on coming and I'll give you all the info or you could just head north on I95 and look for the glow on the horizon. This might be my last year over the top so I'm pulling out all the stops.

165,000 lights

512 channels

242 wireframes

430 strobes

and just enough power to pull this insanity off.

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Well my typical lights on is on or about 12/1 - traditionally I prep and begin work the weekend before Thanksgiving, do most major setup over Thanksgiving break, and do final tweaking the final weekend (In years past I've been in college in Richmond, and now that I live full time in the city I still have to schedule my display construction around being home). Unfortunatly this has been a major reason why my 3 LOR boards have been used for nothing but "experiments" in controlling the display. Maybe one of these years I'll actually be able to sit down and get it all sorted out and actually have an animated display, but 50,000 lights in little ole Deltaville draws enough talk as it is!

Where are you at in Gloucester? Nearer the courthouse or the point?

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2 miles from Saluda line stephen. I am in Lee's Neck Farm. Not too far from you. I saw your display last year I think. Is it at that place of business in Deltaville. I think it was a realtors office. Can't remember exactly where it was but I do remember the display.

Bill I hope to be there Dec. 13th as the granddaughters other grandparents are coming in for Thanksgiving from Texas. I hear you with all this rain I will be lucky to have mine on by Thanksgiving weekend. I may be putting the display together that weekend if the weather doesn't get much better. I think I have maybe two more years with my display so I know where your coming from.

I can't wait to see it this year. I will send ya'll up there a PM Friday before I leave here. Good luck with getting it all up without blowing up Virginia Power. I do have a generator that can run my display if you do cause a power outage in Virginia. LOL

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I am in Roanoke, VA and this will be my third year of computer controlled lights. My display has just about doubled in size with each year. I am up to over 31,000 lights which almost half of them are LED. Doing my first MegaTree this year and looking forward to seeing it go, set it up this past weekend and it looks sweet. Hope to get out and see some of the displays that are not too far away from me this year. If all goes well I will turning them on Dec. 1st. The show will run nightly from 5:30pm till 10:30pm. I wish you all a merry Christmas and good luck with your shows. :)www.starcitylights.com


31,000+ lights

112 channels

6 or 7 songs

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I think it would be really cool to somehow put together a statewide list of displays. Anyone interested?

I'm in Sterling off of Algonkian Pkwy and have a small display with 48 channels of LOR this year. I don't broadcast our address due to concerns over excessive traffic (like Juniper Drive) but don't have a problem sharing it with other PC'ers. Its a small but growing display and I need to add a sub-panel so I can expand it some.


Chris in VA


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I'm just north of Richmond in Henrico County (Lakeside) and I've got 50000 this year, plus wireframes, blowmolds, minitrees, etc, etc, etc, in the smallest lot I've ever seen on PC. (except for the balcony guy!) I think I've got the smallest yard on the Tacky Tour as well. :D

I've been lighting up since 1999, and part of the reason I bought the house was that the guy I bought it from lit it up as weel. It was great to move into a house where the outdoor electricity was already set up! I expanded what was originally here, and now I've got 120 amps strictly for lights!

We light up on Black Friday, with our light up party on Saturday the 29th this year.

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Bill V.

thats all I could say as we were sitting outside of your house , simply awesome display. thanks for the entertainment and we may be back this year and definitely will be back next year from over in southern MD

Thanks Tony,

I see your incorporating SSR's with your lights and sounds- you'll have to stop in and check out my SSR monstrosity next visit.


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