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CDI letter received today

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I got mine (today). Today is in parentheses because it was actually received Monday...by my sister at her house! How in the world and why it got there, 12 miles away in downtown Myrtle Beach, is a mystery, but I did get it.

I've had very few issues so far (had one string vomit it's insides out the other day when I plugged it in, but that's it), but I probably will take part in the offer just so that at least most of the strings that I have are the same.

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I did not get a letter to the best of my knowledge (though I have someone else open my mail and she may have not known it's importance).


I tell you, I am a little confused on it after just spending 45 minutes reading all the posts about RED M5s blowing and others not fading correctly.

If I can summarize it for someone to tell me if I am right or wrong- heck- or just close-

"I should not try to use my C6 LEDS I bought this year from CDI in my LOR show because they will not fade correctly. I should ship them back to Paul who will send me new ones." Right? Wrong? Close?

Man... what do I do this year for the items I planned using these for? What has been the solution that does not require ME TO BUILD something. I am just out of time. My C6 LED from the previous year are gorgeous and I bought TWO MORE MEGATREES worth of them to use in my show so they would match.

Help? Advice? CDI has always been so good to deal with but what do I do this year? (I ordered more stuff from them TODAY!)


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Rusty, I am in the same position. My mega tree is already up so too late (I am only using the C6's in the mega tree). Too bad, they look good. I am changing my sequences to eliminate fades and will be returning them next year.

As a side note, mine fade up just fine. A little bump when fading down. But they do buzz something aweful when faded.

I sure am glad Paul is standing behind these lights. Hopefully he is not eating to much of the cost to replace these.

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I was also planning a mega tree this year using the c6's I purchased. After reading about the problems I tried to fade a few which died and would not light again.

I just scrapped the mega tree plans for this year. I am not willing to put anymore money into these lights to be able to use them this year.

I also purchased some G15 in r,g,b,ww that seem to be alright if they were not doa (mostly green) I leave them plugged in for a long time while seeing if they worked. I did see a ww and a green start smelling like hot elcetrical parts and quit working. I am just hoping that what I am planning on using does not take the show down.

BTW. Paul's servece has been exceptional. I understand him not being "fix" the problem immediatly, but it is in the works for next year. He has also replaced anything that was doa or quit working immediatly.

I agree with one post I saw.....can they not be made just like last years strings.....people seemed to be VERY happy with last years (07) strings.

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I am really confused now becuase I just got off the phone with Lee at CDI and she told me that the 50 count C6 were essentially the same as last year and should not be a problem. That the problem was mostly red in M5 or some other format.

So I guess I REALLY need to go pull the dang things out and test them.

Someone in this thread said they had C6 50 count that were failing. CDI told me today that the 50 count C6 is not a problem. Guess I will just have to see myself on my LOR controllers.

I am frustrated. These are things I just EXPECT to work and EXPECT to have been tested PRIOR to me getting them. CDI is always great about product replacement, shipping, and are just generally nice to deal with. But dang.... I am still frustrated.


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C6- 50

OK- I just busted my cases and tested them. RED, GREEN, BLUE, and WARM

None of them died upon fading, but:

They all kind of POP at about 50% intensity on either fading up or down.

On a fade down from 100% they all kind of stay at about the same intensity until the fade has dropped below 50% then start fading out.

They do not look real good on long fades (longer than 1 second) because they are jittery and pop as I tried to describe above.

I say mine will work this year ONLY (what option do I have besides inc. minis?) And then only for sequenced songs that do not have long fades in them. Fades for one second or less seem to look OK. Not great but OK. Anything longer and they look bad. They are not what I want but I will make due this year and make sure the ones I get for next year get tested THE DAY I GET THEM!

I really want a smooth fade up or down and these are not doing it for my slow songs with lots of fades. Flashing on and off looks great. Intensity does not work real well. I mean to say they seem to want to stay around the same intensity above 50% and then not stop dropping until they are below 50%.

Still frustrated. But wil make due. I know the guy who sold them to me thought they would work and will replace them. Just wish the manf. had tested them better BEFORE shipping them to me! )


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So I dug my letter out today too as i just setup my leaping arches and they were fine for a few sequences then I notice one or 2 channels would jitter open and now one section of the strings is out. Hopefully I can get it changed out before I go live.


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