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Gemmy Trio Christmas Trees problem...


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Hey guys...I have a strange problem...I bought the 1st generation of the Gemmy Trio trees last year, and they're awesome..this year, I took them down from my attic, and to my surprise, the little white bristles are now brown???!?!?! That was strike one...then upon plugging them in and testing them for the 1st time in a year, all worked well, EXCEPT, on the smallest tree, one ring of lights did not light up blue (Strike TWO)...all of the other colors worked fine so I know their connections are ok, but when the show phases to blue, that entire ring is out..and all of the other trees are working fine....Any ideas??? I've checked contacts, reset the computer, etc...I don't remember noticing if they weren't working before I put them up last year...and does anyone know why the bristles turned brown??? They were covered in my attic...could be the heat?? Not a pretty sight in the daytime...LOL..

Thanks for any help!!


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The lights are LEDs with red, green and blue elements. The various colors are a result of lighting up the RGB elements in various intensities. I suspect that the wire controlling the blue LEDs on the ring in question is broken. You might look at where the cable joins the next or previous ring or inspect the connectors closely for the problem.

I discovered a problem with my Gemmy trees this year. This would make the third season we used them. When we picked them up from our storage the strings attached at the top and running down the length of the tree, holding the light rings in place, were breaking at our lightest touch. They all were deteriorated. We can't use the trees until we re-string every run on each of the three trees.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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