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Good music to listen to when cooking?

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I love listening to Christmas music when I'm cooking during the holidays. It always puts me in the mood and sometime I even think my cooking turns out better lol but I need to start gathering some good cds up. Anyone suggestions? I just found one I wanted to share with all the music lovers called "Christmasville" from Mannheim Steamroller. It's a great Christmas cd http://www.amazon.com/Christmasville-Mannheim-Steamroller/dp/B001B8Y0G0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1225999235&sr=8-3

sara umg

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I had been running my own internet Radio station until Live365 Raised their rates so high that I cannot broadcast the beautiful Christmas musoc to the hundreds and thousands who played it each year.. But I Love listening to the old style christmas music while cooking and baking up a storm.... I have close to 2000 tracks in my list and so I dont hear repeats too often.. oh and since my kitchen is next to the greatroom.. there is surely a cracklin fire in the fireplace that can be seen as I beat, roll, flatten, cream, Pat, Knead, Mix, Stir, and Fold away...


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