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LED Replacement Bulbs

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Just was wondering if any of you thought that there would be LED replacement bulbs onthe shelf in the future like hte regular incandescent replacement bulbs inthe small packs. I know I would like to see them hit the shelves. I do have a special container for all my incandescent replacements and I would just start another container for them.

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Oh come on... am I really the only one who is going to comment on mmstidham's Back to the Future reference with some lame joke about getting your lights to chase at 88 miles per hours or something? Of course, if I keep adding lights, I might actually get up to my goal of 1.21 gigawatts :cool:


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C-7 and C-9 Size? I have not seen any of those retrofit bulbs in stores yet... Of course I doubt they would be very good quality at a discount/box store.

If you need replacement LED bulbs, at least for the GE brand strings (the only I have that are replaceable), any shape size and color, I have HUNDREDS. 2 spares per string times a couple hundred strings.

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I haven't either. If they were available I could jsut use my existing strings and use the traditional method to cut the power cord wherever I wanted to make a custom length. The ones I am referring to are like the one at this URL:


Essentially, they are just wired LEDs with a C9-sized crystal covers. My question was being able to cut pre-made strings like that one, and if resistors would be necessary (like with mini-lights) to "soak up" the excess power on the line that would have been used by the bulbs that had been cut off. I think I am jsut going to have to wait for the prices to drop on retro-fit C7 bulbs so I can use my current strings.

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In Canada

Canadian Tire Stores have LED Retrofit bulbs for C7s and C9s, they have

red , blue , pure white and warm white

c7s for a pack of two start at 2:49 for warm white the price is 2.99

for C9s pack of two 3.49 and for warm white they are 3.99

Home hardware has retrofits packs of 4 , Im not sure of the price

they have red , blue, green and amber

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