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Ideas on keeping snow fluid from freezing?

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so, I was testing my snow machine out tonight...and after about an hour, the fluid was frozen in the nozzle....I'm using the rubbing alcohol and Mr.Bubbles fluid method.

So here's what I was thinking, I've extended the supply line, so that I can have the tank inside the house for re-filling.. now, if I wrap the tank in a heating pad...will that be enough to keep the fluid warm?

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Okay, I got it!,

so I realized that the only problem was that the fluid in the tank wasn't staying warm, even inside the house because the tube that was going outside was too cold, so I wrapped the tank and the rest of the coil of tube inside with a heating pad (Tim, I remembered your peanuts slide projector project) and stuck some c9's inside the case of the snow machine, and close to the sock of the snow machine, to keep it from freezing..

within 3 minutes (or the time it took me to wire up the relay) the heating pad alone had heated the tank, and the warm fluid kept the rest warm. with the c9's, it insures that once inside the machine, it'll stay warm.

Thanks for the responses guys, I was a little bit worried about putting chemicals in it, as in 19 degree temps, the snow sticks, and freezes as it falls down...

so yeah, heating pads are amazing...

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